Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.

– Albert Einstein
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The Mathematics Department is dedicated to providing each student with an education that stresses high quality instruction. Our dynamic, knowledgeable faculty provides a supportive atmosphere which includes mentoring students through a “hands-on” approach to instruction. Students will gain the skills they need, whether they are working to meet professional goals, earn an AA or AS degree, or plan on transferring to a 4-year university.

What we offer:
  • a full range of mathematics courses
  • Supplemental Instruction in numerous courses
  • courses taught using free Open Educational Resources
  • the provision of a Math Learning Center where students may receive additional assistance
  • the sponsoring of an on-campus Math Club which competes twice a year in a competition hosted by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges Student Mathematics League


You are now able to use the Guided Placement tool in lieu of taking the assessment exams. To use the tool, click the button below.

Math Review Videos are also available as a resource to you. View them at the button below.

What You’ll Study
  • Skills for Finite Math
  • Skills for Probability and Statistics
  • Skills for Survey of Calculus
  • Skills for College Algebra
  • Skills for Math for Prospective Teachers
  • Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Basic Accelerated Math
  • Math for Prospective Teachers
  • Finite Mathematics
  • Calculus
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Visit our catalog for more information about degrees and certificates, courses, and program learning outcomes for students majoring in Mathematics.

Careers & Salary


  • Mathematical Science Occupation
  • Mathematical Science Teacher
  • Mathematician
  • Natural Science Manager
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Statistician


  • Low: $29k
  • Average: $90k
  • High: $208k

Program Mapper

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What Students Say

“Professor Morvan taught me how to conceptualize calculus and clearly articulate what I was doing in my work.”

Timothy O’Connor

“Professor Nusbaum [demonstrated] how math is an art where every step of the process plays an essential role. When a class changes you as a person, you know the professor has made a significant impression on you. Professor Nusbaum has taught me to take pride in my work, be detail-oriented and not omit any steps in a process, and carry myself with integrity, humbleness, and resilience. Thank you for believing in me. I am honored to have been your student and your Math 150B (Calculus II) supplemental instruction leader.”

Junnior Rodriguez

Adjunct Faculty
  • Rocio Aguilar Bastida
  • Eric Armstrong
  • Jess Boling
  • James Carver
  • Timothy Choi
  • Adriana Chrispens
  • Peter Christenson
  • Maurice Daigle
  • Mina Do
  • Diane Ford
  • Ardeshir Ghaffari
  • Jonathan Harris
  • Don Hatori
  • Maria Heinze
  • Kasara Heneks
  • Ramy Heng
  • Khanh Hoang
  • Jay Hoover
  • Rattana Hor
  • Matthew Humaciu
  • Paul Huynh
  • Tracy Lam
  • Duc Le
  • Jaime Leongson
  • Darlene Little
  • Tuyen Ly
  • Hao Mai
  • Mahnaz Moradi Nargesi
  • Dai P. Nguyen
  • Hoang Nguyen
  • Paul Oeser
  • Huyvu Phan
  • Vu Phan
  • Edward Pineda
  • Matthew Pitassi
  • Parvin Ramedani
  • Leslie Rodriguez
  • John Kevin Ryan
  • Mutsuno Ryan
  • Alejandro Sevilla
  • Hermina Shamoni
  • Azzam Shihabi
  • Andrew Sotomayor
  • Linda Steinberg
  • Kevin Takeuchi
  • Tanawat Trakoolthai
  • Duy Tran
  • Kelly Tseng
  • Daniel Ulloa
  • Tim Vu
  • James Wan
  • Evan Waugh
  • Jingwen Zhang
Mathematics Department

Location: SEM, Room 263
T: (714) 484-7000 ext. 48641
Department Chair: Adam Eckenrode,