UC IGETC Language Other Than English Proficiency Certification (LOTE)

The Purpose of the UC IGETC Certification of “Language Other Than English” is to assist students, who have an acquired knowledge of a language other than English, in demonstrating language proficiency as outlined in the IGETC Standards Area 10.6.

College faculty members, who are fluent in a student’s native language, can on a voluntary basis, assess the basic language proficiency of a student. Please reach out to the faculty member listed below in order to schedule the language proficiency assessment. 

Method of Instruction: 

1. Foreign Transcript: Satisfactory completion, with a “C” (2.0) grade or better, of two years of formal schooling at the sixth-grade level or higher in an institution that is not English. Appropriate documentation must be presented to substantiate that the required coursework was completed. If an official sealed transcript cannot be obtained from a foreign institution, an unofficial transcript may be used. 


2. Proficiency test: Equivalent to two years of foreign language was taught in United States schools. Specifically, the  student should have the following:

A. Basic vocabulary of approximately 1000 words. 
B. Basic ability to read, write, and speak using the present, past (preterit), and future tenses.   
ArabicAdel Rajabarajab@cypresscollege.eduBiology/SEM
ChineseChiang Horng Harncharn@cypresscollege.eduForeign Language
CzekSilvie Grotesgrote@cypresscollege.eduPublic Health/Kinesiology
DariBilly Pashaiewpashaie@cypresscollege.eduLibrary
FarsiBilly Pashaiewpashaie@cypresscollege.eduLibrary
FarsiMassoud Salehmsaleh@cypresscollege.eduCounseling/TE III
GreekJohn Lambrosjlambros@cypresscollege.eduMath/SEM
GujaratiSujata Chiplunkarschiplunklar@cypresscollege.eduBiology/SEM
HindiSujata Chiplunkarschiplunklar@cypresscollege.eduBiology/SEM
HungarianKati Angelovkanguelov@cypresscollege.eduMAD/Language Arts
JapaneseNatsuyo Higuchinhiguchi@cypresscollege.eduForeign Language
KoreanEunju Leeelee@cypresscollege.eduMath/SEM
KoreanSylvia Paekspaek@cypresscollege.eduMath/SEM
LebaneseMaha Aframafra@cypresscollege.eduDance/Fine Arts
MarathSujata Chiplunkarschiplunklar@cypresscollege.eduBiology/SEM
RussianJulia Cherneyjcherney@cypresscollege.eduDental Hygiene
SlovakSilvie Grotesgrote@cypresscollege.eduPublic Health/Kinesiology
SpanishBilly Pashaiewpashaie@cypresscollege.eduLibrary
SpanishJuan Garciajgarcia@cypresscollege.eduVeterans Resource Center/Counseling
SpanishJuan Vazquezjvazquez@cypresscollege.eduMAD/Fine Arts
VietnameseDenise Vodvo@cypresscollege.eduHealth Science/Counseling