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We are excited to announce the availability of FREE Student Self-Service for Enrollment Verifications at Cypress College.

Enrollment Verification Certificates may be obtained immediately online through Cypress College’s Authorized Certifying Agent National Student Clearinghouse, the nation’s trusted source for student degree and enrollment verification, for the following uses:

  • Credit Issuers
  • Employment
  • Health Insurance
  • Housing
  • Scholarships
  • Student Loan Deferments
  • Travel

Student Self-Services saves you a trip to the Admissions and Records Office by providing you with the ability to perform the following services securely via the web.

  • Print Enrollment Verification Certificates to send to health insurers, housing providers, scholarship, or other organizations requiring proof of your enrollment.
  • Check the deferment form and electronic notification sent to your lenders.
  • Obtain a list of your student loan lenders and link to real-time loan information.
  • View your enrollment history.
  • View enrollment verifications provided to student service providers at your request.
Instructions for FREE Student Self-Service Enrollment Verification Certificate via National Student Clearinghouse

  1. Log on to myGateway and click on “Student Records.”
  2. Click “Cypress College Enrollment Certification via National Student Clearinghouse.”
  3. Follow instructions to guide you to the National Student Clearinghouse self-service link.
  4. Provide the requested information and click “login.”
  5. Select “Current Enrollment” or “All Enrollment,” then “Obtain Enrollment Certificate.”
  6. Be sure to select the printer friendly icon to print. You will need the free Adobe Reader program to print the certificate.
Third Party Verification Request

If you or your firm need to verify degree and/or enrollment of a Cypress College student, please visit the National Student Clearinghouse to obtain this information quickly, securely, and legally.