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We are pleased to offer this accessible version of our campus tour designed specifically for users needing extra accessibility features. The tour descriptions and guides are currently being displayed in English.

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Gateway Plaza & Campanile

Gateway Plaza and Campanile

Gateway Plaza was designed to welcome visitors to Cypress College. The park-like space focuses students and visitors to the campanile, which towers above the Student Center and Bookstore buildings and is visible from the city streets surrounding Cypress College. This tower was the vision of founding President Dan Walker and is intended to be reminiscent of spires the world’s great educational institutions. Encircled by a planter, the campanile today serves as a spot for students to gather, provides a backdrop for commencement, and often is adorned with colors to mark a holiday or to bring awareness. It also is a figurative pin on the map, highlighting the entrance to the Student Center where students can receive help in Admissions and Counseling (among other services) and future students can begin their journey.

Pond & Tribute Garden

Pond and Tribute Garden

The pond is located within the central portion of the campus and provides a popular and relaxing outdoor space for students to study year-round. The pond has also gained popularity with campus visitors and photographers and is an ideal space for background scenery of open-air events and even weddings.

The new Tribute Garden features flags waving in tribute for each branch of the military to honor those who served. The flags ring the U.S. flag atop a knoll opposite the entrance to the new Veterans Resource Center (VRC).

Also in this area is the new memorial bridge, and an outdoor event plaza, which combine to connect the Tribute Garden to Cypress College’s new Veteran’s Resource Center. The bridge and spiral pathway to the flags evoke the often-winding path veterans take to completing their educational journey.

Student Center/Admissions & Records

Student Center Building

The Student Center building stands in the heart of the campus, in front of the Cypress College campanile at Gateway Plaza. The campanile, planned by founding Cypress College president Dan Walker, can be seen from the surrounding city streets, and is a student gathering spot, a color-changing spire to mark holidays and special occasions, and a commencement backdrop. The Student Center building gently curves around it, with wall-to-wall windows from the ground to the roof atop the second story. Banners of former outstanding students hang in the large windows, offering current students representation and inspiration. The building houses the Charger Café, the Admissions & Records Office, Express Counseling, Charger Experience, and the Transfer Center.

Inside the Student Center building, you’ll find several services to begin or support students’ college careers. The Welcome Center is located inside the western entrance, where helpful student ambassadors are waiting to assist students in navigating campus resources. The Admissions & Records office is on the first floor as well, providing access to necessary files for enrollment and commencement. Finally, Charger Café resides on the ground floor, serving students and employees hot meals. Upstairs on the second floor, students can access Charger Experience, Transfer Center, and Express Counseling. The hallway that leads from these offices to the piazza houses the Holocaust Survivor’s Gallery, with photographic portraits by Photography Professor Emeritus Clifford Lester, whose parents were Holocaust survivors.

The International Students Program (ISP) — located inside the Student Center — assists international students in all aspects of the college experience, including the application and admission process, assessment testing, orientation, academic counseling, and course registration. ISP also provides a place for camaraderie among students, as well as support services to promote student success, degree completion, and university transfer.

Library & Learning Resource Center

Library & Learning Resource Center with pond in front

The Library & Learning Resource Center (L/LRC) supports students’ academic progress. Its hi-tech, environmentally friendly design is coupled with the convenience of a one-stop academic support service center, which includes an English Success Center, Mathematics Learning Center, supplemental instruction, computer labs, and tutorial services. The L/LRC, a 62,500 square foot facility, offers desktop computers with internet access, data and power connections, and wireless access to students who bring their own laptops or tablets.

Humanities Building

Humanities Building

The Humanities building is home to the college’s Language Arts and Social Sciences divisions. It is located on the northern tip of campus off of Lot 9 and next to the new Science, Engineering, Mathematics building. Inside the building you’ll find a My Cypress Story wall down the western corridor featuring stories from current students, alumni, faculty, and staff. The building is also home to new community spaces for the college’s Puente and Legacy programs. In front of the main Humanities building is a smaller, single-story building with two lecture halls.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Building with tables and chairs in front

The Fine Arts building houses the college’s fine and performing arts programs and is adjacent to the Cypress College Theater. The building hosts a space for the college newspaper, The Cypress Chronicle, as well as course and lab spaces for the college’s programs in art, commercial music, dance, media arts design, and music. Just west of the Fine Arts building is a chilled-water, thermal-energy storage tank, which reduces overhead costs and increases energy efficiency on campus. The project earned the college a 2019 Excellence in Energy and Sustainability award from the California Community College Board of Governors.

Fine Arts Swing Space

Fine Arts Swing Space building

The Fine Arts Swing Space is a temporary home for several of the college’s fine and performing arts programs during the renovation of the Fine Arts building. It was previously home to the college’s Science, Engineering, Mathematics Division.

Theater Arts

Theater Arts Building

Drop by the Cypress College Theater and be treated to an exciting performance from students, community members, and other veterans of the stage. The 580-seat theater is one of the campus’ premier facilities. Every semester, this grand space features multiple college performances in theater, dance, and music. In addition, it is a popular rental facility for community groups.

The Cypress College Art Gallery is housed adjacent to the theater and features multiple professional and student exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and other events each year. Admission is free.


Exterior of bookstore

The Bookstore is located next to the Student Center and in front of the campanile at Gateway Plaza. This is a central point of the Cypress College campus, where students can gather between classes. The Bookstore is one of the campus’ newer buildings, built for the expanding student body and growing course offerings. Hanging from the tall windows are larger-than-life photos of former students in Career Education who have gone on to successfully start in their fields of study.

Inside the Cypress College Bookstore, students can find materials needed for class, including books, writing instruments, notebooks, test scoring sheets, etc. The Bookstore also features snacks, drinks, sundries, and Cypress College spirit wear.

Business/CIS Building

Business & CIS building

The Business building sits is noticeable for its orange tile staircase exterior. It stands at the edge of campus in front of Parking Lot 1, in front of the flagpoles. The Campus Safety headquarters are at the south side of the building. Here, students can get help with parking permits and can call for officers to escort them across campus and parking lots after dark. Cypress College is also lucky to be the site of the City of Cypress Chamber of Commerce, which occupies a portion of the Business building’s first floor.

The Business building houses classes in Accounting, Court Reporting, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Management, and Marketing. It also contains the Business and Computer Information Systems Lab and Division Assistance Services. With in-person and virtual services, the lab has assistance for current CIS, Computer Science and Court Reporting students with classes that require use of the lab to enhance their skills. The ARISE (Academics, Relationships, Independence, Self-Advocacy, Emotional Health) Hub, also located within the building, is a space for students, faculty, and staff to come and unwind from the stress of college life.

Cypress College Complex

Cypress College Complex Building

When you first step onto the Cypress College campus from Lot 1, the unique acid-stained concrete mural entwined in the Cypress College Complex building is sure to catch your eye. Completed in 1967 by artist Sergio O’Cadiz, the mural is one of a diminishing number of works created by O’Cadiz. The CCCPLX exterior also features the college’s core values and student portraits across three levels. CCCPLX houses Disability Support Services and Financial Aid on the 1st floor; EOPS and associated programs on the 2nd floor; administrative offices on the 3rd floor; and student study spaces, conference rooms, and featured artwork on the 4th floor. The building connects to the Student Center via a 2nd floor walkway.

Technical Education 1

The auto department inside the Technical Education 1 building

Technical Education I is one of three buildings on campus dedicated to Career Technical Education. This first building is accessible via the walkway between the Student Center and Bookstore, in front of the campanile off Gateway Plaza. Another entrance is located on the second level piazza, which connects it to the other Technical Education buildings. Tech Ed I, as it is known, is home to the Automotive Technology, Automotive Collision, Photography, and Aviation and Travel Career programs.

The building’s first floor is home to two automotive-focused programs: Automotive Technology and Automotive Collision Repair.

The simulator lab features a unique Boeing 737 Max commercial aircraft as the centerpiece of the facility. Created at the direction of faculty, this simulator is a replica of the 737 series of jets flown across the globe. The lab also features a full-motion, twin-engine simulator, and individual flying stations. This simulator approach focuses students on the fundamentals of flight and greatly reduces the time (and cost) students need to invest in flight school — thus increasing access to jobs in this in-demand field.

The Automotive Technology and Automotive Collision Repair classrooms and labs occupy the ground floor of Technical Education I. A body yard behind the building allows students to perform hands-on work on several types of cars. Our Toyota and Lexus T-TEN Program offers students precise training for Toyota and Lexus vehicles, and connections to repair shops nationwide. The second floor of Tech Ed I house the Photography and Aviation and Travel Careers classrooms. The ATC program offers access to a high-tech, state-of-the-art airplane simulator made possible with a large contribution by an anonymous donor.

Technical Education 3 (Health Science)

Inside the Technical Education 3 Health Science building

Technical Education III is the location of Cypress College’s Health Science programs. It’s accessed on the second floor either from the piazza, which connects many of the college’s original buildings, or the walkway from Lot 4 on the southeastern side of the campus. Students interested in our Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Mortuary Science, Psychiatric Technology, and Radiologic Technology programs take classes in this building under instructors with real-world and current experience. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration students, too, take classes here with teachers who are professionals in the field.

Cypress College’s Dental Clinic is open to the public, providing a service to the community and real-world opportunities for experienced students who are preparing to complete their programs.

Mort Sci One of the most-unique programs in the state, the Mortuary Science Program prepares students for careers in funeral services — teaching everything from embalming to restoration to the preparation and running of memorial services. The program also prepares students for the college’s baccalaureate degree in Funeral Services. One of 15 pilot bachelor’s degrees in California, the program has helped pave the way for future community college-based bachelor-degree programs in the state.

Inside Technical Education Building III, Health Science students have access to modern lab facilities and teachers with real-world experience. On the ground level, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration students train with teachers who have led successful HVAC and other AC/R careers. The second floor houses the Psychiatric Technology and Mortuary Science classes and labs. Upstairs on the third floor, a dental clinic staffed by Dental Hygiene students serves the community while allowing students hands-on experience.

Student Life and Leadership

Inside the Student Life and Leadership building

Student Life & Leadership provides an element of students’ lives that coexists with their academic endeavors. The Student Life & Leadership building offers students a computer lab, student lounge, food pantry, game room, conference room, and a general work area for student club projects. It is also where Associated Students is located. Here students can participate in campus leadership and governance, attend a variety of events/activities, and join and participate in clubs.

Veterans Resource Center

VRC at night

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) assists active-duty military personnel, veterans, and dependents seeking to complete an educational degree or certificate of achievement. The VRC provides opportunities for peer-to-peer support for academics and wellness as well as camaraderie, mentoring, and social networking through active participation in campus and local communities. The VRC welcomes volunteers from the veteran student community to work with their fellow veterans as mentors. The center also provides space for outside organizations to assist our student veterans.

Gym 1

Exercise equipment inside Gym 1

Gymnasium 1 is home to a variety of kinesiology courses designed for the overall fitness of students. Here, students can participate in fitness and strength training, total body fitness, spinning, futsal, athletic weight training, conditioning for athletes, and more. The building features one of the campus’ two wood-court playing surfaces, including basketball and volleyball.

Gym 2

Gymnasium 2 features Don Johnson Court, the college’s primary indoor playing surface for basketball and volleyball. The facility also houses the Kinesiology Division office, the Health Center, and the athletics Hall of Fame. The Cypress Chargers have numerous championships under their belts, including OEC Conference Championships in baseball, men’s & women’s basketball, women’s beach volleyball, men’s golf, Softball, women’s soccer, and more. The Chargers have earned State Championships in baseball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, golf, women’s soccer, and softball.

The Cypress College Athletics Hall of Fame formally honors the memory and contributions of outstanding athletes, coaches, and supporters of Charger athletics. Inductees include Swen Nater, Mark Eaton, Trevor Hoffman, and more.

The Student Health Center supports the student’s learning experience through the delivery of services and programs that promote the health of the student. Services include mental health counseling, first aid and emergency care, diagnosis and treatment of acute illness, immunizations (Tetanus, Hepatitis B, seasonal flu), and laboratory services.


Exterior of Science, Engineering, and Math building

The new 106,000-square-foot SEM building serves students in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Designed from the ground up, the classrooms, labs, and common spaces are envisioned as a collaboration hub. The facilities include classrooms, research and teaching laboratories, interactive student resource areas, a multidisciplinary classroom, lecture spaces, conference rooms, and a garden-like open-air corridor. The new building is designed to have lasting use, with versatile design features that allow for future expansion.

Open-air center: the open-air center corridor connecting the labs and lecture rooms allow for outdoor, collaborative spaces — either as part of the curriculum or informal study group meetings.

Lab Classroom: Lab spaces in the new SEM building were designed from the ground up, with modern amenities, equipment, and workspaces.

IDC: One of the most unique and exciting features of the new SEM building is the Immersive Digital Classroom, a 96-seat theater that features motion projection on the domed ceiling.

Crematorium: This facility creates cross disciplinary educational opportunities for the safe and ethical treatment of lab specimens. The facility is shared with the college’s renowned Mortuary Science Program.

NOCE Cypress Center

NOCE building

North Orange Continuing Education, a sister school of Cypress College, offers many lifelong-learning opportunities and services. These opportunities include basic skill such as G.E.D. preparation, vocational training, English as a Second Language classes, programs for students with disabilities, and more.