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Cypress College Film Festival

11 May 2018 @ 6:00 pm

Cypress College Film Festival flyer

The MAD Film Festival takes place in CCCPLX-216 at 6 p.m. Click here to download the guidelines and entry form.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Film Festival entrants must be currently enrolled in a college or high school.
  • *Films must have been completed within the twelve months prior to May 11, 2018.
  • Films may have been produced with video or film processes.
  • Films must have been made by student crews, writers, directors, (no professionals).

Content Guidelines

  • Films must be original works and not derivative or parodies of other films.
  • Narrative films should have a beginning, middle, and end with a conflict and resolution.
  • Music videos should be interpretive & creative, and not simply bands playing but may include
    some footage of the band playing as part of the complete film.
  • Abstract or experimental art films should have an identifiable theme.
  • No nudity will be allowed as this is a student film festival and family event.
  • No explicit sex acts.
  • Avoid profanity *(If profanity is used in dialog, it must be bleeped by filmmaker).
  • All city, state, and national laws must be followed in the production of your film.
  • Violence or “Jackass” style stunts presented for shock value alone will not be accepted.
  • All action must have a context within the story.
  • Music used in the film must be original and not commercial music lifted from CDs, iTunes,
    internet downloading sites, or from other movies or television shows.
  • If music used in the film was created by the filmmaker, a friend or relative of the filmmaker, a
    credit must be given at end of film and a music release must be signed and submitted with the
    film for screening purposes.
  • Photographs or images of any kind that appear in the film must be created by the filmmaker or
    must have a signed image/artwork release submitted with the film.
  • Music not created by the filmmaker must be royalty-free music acquired at a source like
    http://www.freeplaymusic.com. Music ripped from CDs or iTunes are not allowed.

Technical Requirements

  • Film length 30 seconds and not to exceed 10 minutes. 5 minutes is an ideal runtime for films.
  • Films made in a language other than English must contain English subtitles.
  • Films must have a beginning title and ending credits (Reference your school in credits).
  • Film submissions must be sent on a USB thumb drive. These will not be returned.
  • Submissions must list, the film’s title, director and runtime, email, and phone number.
  • Films must be submitted in Quicktime (.mov) or (.mp4) file format with stereo audio.
  • Films and USB drives will not be returned.



11 May 2018
6:00 pm
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