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English | Language Arts


Phone: (714) 484-7184

Office Hours: 5-6 p.m.Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; 4-5 p.m. Wednesday

Location: Humanities 222I

About Professor Borla

“Learning to write is a lot like trying to inflate a blimp with a bicycle pump. Anybody can do it; all it takes is time.”—Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., novelist

My name is Prof. Linda Borla, and I teach English composition, literature, film, and humanities courses for Cypress College. As an instructor, I am on the student’s side; I want all to succeed. I make every effort to create a friendly and positive classroom experience where all students feel welcome and each individual, valued.

Since clarity is at the heart of communication,  I make the writing process as clear as possible by having the classroom atmosphere relaxed, yet productive; the assignments challenging, not difficult; and the learning environment friendly, not threatening. Indeed, I feel fun greatly enhances the learning experience.

My goal is for students to successfully complete my classes, so I make myself available for individual assistance. Please stop by my office, call, or email any time. I am here to help you.

Recommended Course

Hybrid Composition Classes English 100C and 60C

Hybrid courses provide the best of both online and traditional classes: the independence of online instruction combined with the security of regular classroom contact with the teacher. Students attend class two hours each week instead of four and do the rest of the coursework online at their own convenience.


Professor Borla’s Distance Education Classes

What is a hybrid course?

A hybrid course requires students to attend class both on campus and online. Besides the traditional classroom work, hybrid courses also use Internet technology. Course instruction, work, and materials will be delivered both in class and online. Prof. Borla’s students attend class two hours each week instead of four; the rest of the time is spent working independently online.

The online delivery mode requires strong reading and time-management skills from independent learners.For those up to the challenge, the hybrid environment offers a unique and rewarding way to study composition.

  • Hybrid English 60C—College Writing Preparation: This course covers basic writing skills—grammar, punctuation, the paragraph, and the short essay. Critical thinking and reading skills are also reviewed. Students will learn different organizing strategies to develop ideas into logical, clearly written essays.
  • Hybrid English 100C—College Writing: This class is a college-level course in written communication. It is designed to develop reading, critical thinking, and writing strategies necessary for academic success. The emphasis is on writing expository and argumentative essays. The course also develops research and documentation skills.
Online Course Resources


Purdue Online Writing Lab 
Better known as an OWL,  this web site provides extensive writing resources: printable handouts, PowerPoint Lessons, and more.

Cypress College Library
Our librarians’ web page makes research and documentation easy for both the novice and experienced writer.