Patti Spitler, RHIA, FABC, B.S.

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Professor Patti Spitler

Health Information Technology | Health Science


Phone: (714)484-7017

Office Hours:

Location: Tech ED-3, Room 208

About Professor Spitler

Welcome to Cypress College. My education includes a Bachelor of Science from the University of Kansas and a fellowship from The Advisory Board. I also have a lot of experience with building software programs and EHR software.

Teaching is my calling. I love to be able to give back and teach you the knowledge I gained in my 30 year career. I hope to share my career experiences with you to help you succeed.

You will be meeting with me to discuss your career preparation and the classes you will be taking. I’m looking forward to meeting you and taking this journey together.

If you have questions, please let me know.

Recommended Course

HS 277 Cultural Awareness

This course does not require a prerequisite.  The focus of this course is being culturally competent in today’s healthcare environment. This is a hybrid class that will be taught in the classroom and through the Cypress College course management system (Canvas).