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Cypress College’s core values are excellence, integrity, collegiality, and inclusiveness. As such, the college is committed to offering all students a pathway to a brighter future, and its mission statement reinforces that commitment: “The college is dedicated to supporting the success of our students, fostering diversity, enriching society, and contributing to the economic development of our community and beyond.”

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With this in mind, Cypress College wants to ensure that students are provided every opportunity to succeed. In light of the disproportionately negative impact that the pandemic has had on some of our students, this campaign was created to assure those students attending Cypress College would be given assistance to weather any hardships they may encounter as a result. Please consider giving generously to this most worthy cause. Your thoughtfulness and philanthropy are greatly appreciated.

How Your Gift Directly Impacts a Student

  • $100 – Addresses a student’s food insecurities
  • $300 – Covers the cost of tuition for two classes OR addresses a student’s housing insecurities
  • $600 – Pays tuition and fees for one semester for a full-time student
  • $1,000 – Covers the costs for tuition, books, and fees for one semester for a full-time student