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Directions for Completing the Request for Conference Funding

  1. Download and save a copy of the Professional Development Conference Funding form.
  2. Type all information in the highlighted areas and check all boxes that apply.
  3. Include estimates of your conference fee, hotel, and travel request.
  4. Submit your completed application (with support material) to your immediate supervisor or division dean for review and signature. Discuss other potential sources of funding for this activity. If you will receive partial funding from any other source, enter the amount or include the name of the source and the RQ number if available.
  5. Submit an electronic copy and hard copy by noon on the deadline date. Remember, you may need to hand carry the hard copy to the Professional Development Office in the L/LRC, Room 135 to ensure that it arrives on time. There is a folder on the door where you can leave materials. Email the electronic copy with documentation attached to:
  6. Deadline dates are before 12 NOON on: Monday, February 27, 2023 & Monday, March 27, 2023

Professional Development will consider the following when evaluating your request:

  • Is the training, conference, or activity clearly aligned with the mission and strategic plan of Cypress College?
  • Does the training, conference, or activity benefit students? Is the objective of the activity for students fully addressed with details?
  • Does the training, conference, or activity clearly advance the professional development of the applicant?
  • Has the applicant provided a detailed plan to disseminate the information gained to colleagues?
  • Is the target audience clearly identified and are suggested dates for a professional development activity supplied?
  • Is the applicant a conference presenter, student organization advisor, or required by law or accrediting body to attend training?


You will be submitting a signed and dated paper copy of this application to your dean/manager as well as an electronic copy (each copy accompanied by appropriate documentation). Electronic copy and hard copy must be identical (except the hard copy will be signed and dated). Be sure you get the dean’s signature on your completed Application. Suggestion: After you get your dean’s signature, scan your entire application with supporting documentation.  

Email a copy to