Conference and Travel

All faculty, adjunct, classified staff, and managers are invited to submit a request for conference and travel funding to the Professional Development Committee. To begin the application process, read the criteria, note the deadlines, and follow the three steps listed below.

Criteria for Funding

Requests must advance the mission of Cypress College, meet an authorized use of professional development funds according to Section 87153 of the California Education Code, and support at least one of the five directions identified in the 2021-2024 Cypress College Strategic Plan.


There are funding cycles during the academic year. Professional Development must receive your application by one of the following deadline(s):

  • Monday, February 27, 2023 by 12 p.m. (noon)
  • Monday, March 27, 2023 by 12 p.m. (noon)

Incomplete and/or late requests will not be considered by the Professional Development Committee.

Step 1: Apply for Funding

All travel outside the United States must be approved in advance by the Board.


AB 1887 prohibits funding conferences that take place in the following states:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Arkansas
  4. Florida
  5. Georgia
  6. Idaho
  7. Indiana
  8. Iowa
  9. Kansas
  10. Kentucky
  11. Louisiana
  12. Mississippi
  13. Montana
  14. North Carolina
  15. North Dakota
  16. Ohio
  17. Oklahoma
  18. South Carolina
  19. South Dakota
  20. Tennessee
  21. Texas
  22. Utah
  23. West Virginia

The Conference Funding Request Form and Directions for Completion were revised during the 2020-2021 academic year. Previous versions of the forms will not be accepted.

  1. You will be submitting an electronic copy (accompanied by appropriate documentation).
  2. Submit a working copy of the request form.
  3. Fill in all information requested and check all boxes that apply.
  4. Submit your application and notify your immediate supervisor or division dean of your completed application. He/she will need to email with their approval. Discuss other potential sources of funding for this activity. If you will receive partial funding from any other source, enter the amount in PART 3, #5. List the name of the source and include the RQ number if available.
  5. Submit an electronic copy by noon on the deadline date. Send the dean’s approval and additional documentation to

Professional Development will consider the following when evaluating your request:

  • Is the training, conference, or activity clearly aligned with the mission and strategic plan of Cypress College?
  • Does the training, conference, or activity benefit students? Is the objective of the activity for students fully addressed with details?
  • Does the training, conference, or activity clearly advance the professional development of the applicant?
  • Has the applicant provided a detailed plan to disseminate the information gained to colleagues?
  • Is the target audience clearly identified and are suggested dates for a professional development activity supplied?
  • Is the applicant a conference presenter, student organization advisor, or required by law or accrediting body to attend training?

Questions should be directed to

Step 2: The Approval Process

The conference funding approval process takes at least three weeks after the conference funding request submittal deadline. The Staff Development Committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month of the Fall and Spring Semesters when classes are in session.

  1. The Committee members usually have five working days to review the electronic conference funding requests before meeting as a committee to develop recommendations to send to the President’s Staff.
  2. The Professional Development Coordinator sends the Professional Development Committee recommendations for conference funding approval to the President’s Staff for final approval.
  3. After receiving the President’s Staff funding approval list, the Professional Development Coordinator will send out email notifications to all who applied during that specific funding period.

Step 3: Request Reimbursement

  • The Professional Development Committee will only authorize reimbursement for those expenses approved in advance by the Committee.  Currently, we do not fund mileage or any meals unless those meals are included in the conference registration fee.
  • The District will only accept original receipts for reimbursement of expenses.  Make sure you request receipts for registration, hotel, and travel expenses, including taxi or shuttle.

To request reimbursement, follow these steps:

  1. Within 30 days of attending your conference,  submit a Travel Expense Report (TER) documenting your actual expenses and a Conference Summary evaluating your conference experience.  If you travel in May or June, you must submit your TER and Conference Summary immediately upon your return in order to meet fiscal year-end deadlines.
  2. The TER is available from the NOCCCD District Forms tab:
  3. Print the Travel Expense Report.  Attach all of your original receipts. Also attach a paper copy of your conference brochure, including name, date, and location of the conference, sponsoring organization, all registration fees, and a conference schedule including meals included in the registration fee.
  4. Sign the printed Travel Expense Report. Your dean or immediate supervisor must also sign the form.
  5. Write a report of your activity according to the Conference Summary Format.  Make sure that you follow this established format. Submit both a hard copy and an electronic copy to the Professional Development Office.
  6. Send the signed paper copy of the Travel Expense Report, including receipts, conference brochure, and Conference Summary to the Professional Development Office within 30 days of the conference, except as noted above for travel in May or June.