Cypress College Veteran’s Organization

The Cypress College Veteran’s Organization (CCVO) provides a social group to help veterans adjust to, and become successful in, civilian and college life. The group promotes college spirit and works to establish and maintain fellowship among veterans and students on the Cypress College campus. The club assists with the dissemination of valuable information to veterans. The group also aims to integrate veterans and students into social and campus activities as well as to organize pertinent projects and events pertaining to veterans and their needs.

More information is located in the Veterans Resource Center.

  • Memberships are open to all students, faculty, administration, alumni, staff, and employees of Cypress College. The CCVO strives to reaffirm its dedication to the principles of Service, Education, and Fellowship.
  • A member shall have voting privileges as long as he or she is an active member within the club.
  • An active member can hold any office within the club’s organizational structure.
  • All student members are required to obtain an ASB sticker to maintain membership. (ASB stickers also get discounts for Cypress College and certain venues. For more information, contact the Veterans Resource Center.)