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Buen Cypress! We are excited for you to begin your educational journey here with us at Cypress College. Think of this page as a roadmap. Refer to it as you explore academic and career paths or campus services and programs. We are here to help — We take this journey together!

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You Are Here.

Now that you’ve taken that first step by applying to Cypress, you can start exploring what we have to offer while you wait for your student ID number (e.g. @12345678) and registration time. It generally takes 2-5 days for this information to arrive in your email inbox.

Not sure where to begin? Explore your possibilities below.

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Explore Academic Pathways

Here you can explore the various options that Cypress College offers! Cypress has numerous award-winning academic, transfer, and career education programs that will help you achieve your goals.

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Explore Career Paths

Our Career Planning and Workforce Development Center helps you make informed and considered college major and career decisions. Staff provide counseling, classes, tools, and resources to set goals, handle life transitions, discover career options, and navigate work environments. 

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Explore Financial Aid

Do you need help paying for college? Here you can learn more about how financial aid works and what the various options are. You may be eligible for Financial Aid. You can also use the link below to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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Explore Campus Services and Special Programs

We have many support services and resources to help you on your journey. Check out the campus services, resources, and special programs Cypress has to offer.

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Get Help Navigating Your Path

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What’s Next on Your Path?

Congratulations! You’ve explored your possibilities here at Cypress. We encourage you to bookmark this page for future reference. Once you’ve received your student ID number and registration time, you can begin your steps to registration.