Art Professor Paul Paiement’s Work Featured in Italian Publication

#Motivating | Cypress College has many incredible faculty with strong professional backgrounds in their discipline. Art Professor Paul Paiement is an example of those who not only bring past professional experience, but continue to practice and innovate in their field. The Italian publication La Toscana recently featured his “Una Moderna Wunderkammer” show, which ran from October 10-November 10 at the Florence Dance Center in Florence, Italy.

Musca Ducatica(Photo credit:

Professor Paiement began teaching at Cypress College in 1996. An alumnus of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, he attended graduate school at the University of Southern California, where he received his Master of Fine Arts Degree. His work has been exhibited widely in solo and group shows in New York, Norway, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, England, France, Austria, Japan, Chicago, and Southern California.

His recent exhibition was curated by Adelinda Allegretti and featured 17 paintings from Paiement’s “Hybrids” series.

CoccinellidaeRoombasPaul Paiement Opening 1(Photos courtesy of Paul Paiment)

On his website, Professor Paiement writes that his work:

“…addresses technology’s influence on society in two primary ways. I first consider the fusion of the organic and inorganic through the concept of cyborgs. Cyborgs are a hybrid of machine and organism created to enhance nature. Evidence of these sci-fi inventions exists in robotics, prosthetics, DNA testing, cloning, etc. Secondly, I choose to paint the subjects, rather than digitally render them to display distrust in our culture’s deification of technology.”

Paul Paiement Opening 2(Photo courtesy Paul Paiement)

Professor Paiement’s involvement in his field is indicative of the level of quality of the Fine Arts faculty at Cypress, and College alumni are well represented across fields in the creative arts.


A video showing the exhibition is on YouTube. To see more examples of Professor Paiement’s work, you can check out his personal website here and Instagram page here.

Congratulations, Professor Paiement, and thank you for your work in the arts and with your students!

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