Accessibility Workgroup

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Chair: Celeste Phelps
Chair Contact:
Co-Chair: Elli Constantine
Co-Chair Contact:
Meeting Dates:
First Thursday of every month
Meeting Time: 10 – 11 a.m.
Meeting Location: CCCPLX-419 & Zoom


The purpose of the Accessibility Workgroup is to address and support institutional accessibility and compliance of information and communication technology as per Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

This workgroup meets only as needed

Reporting Relationships

The Accessibility Workgroup is a subgroup of the DEIA Committee and shares information about technology access to the committee.

Membership Composition

  • Co-Chair, Dean of Student Support Services, Manager
  • Co-Chair, Manager of Distance Education, Manager
  • Campus Communications Director, Manager
  • Dean of Counseling, Manager
  • Campus Communications Project Coordinator, Classified
  • Communications Specialist, Classified
  • Director of Academic Computing Technology, Manager
  • Alternate Media Specialist, Classified
  • Career Center Coordinator, Classified
  • Distance Education Faculty Coordinator, Faculty
  • Web Content Specialist, Classified
  • DSS Counselor, Faculty
  • Instructor of Human Services, Faculty
  • Instructional Designer, Classified
  • Instructor of Accounting, Faculty
  • Cypress College Student

Current Membership

  • Celeste Phelps, Student Support Services Dean
  • Elli Constantine, Distance Education Manager
  • Marc Posner, Director of Campus Communications
  • Anastasia Thrift, Communications Specialist
  • Angela Sardan, Career Center Coordinator
  • Cari Jorgensen, Web Content Specialist
  • Deborah Michelle, DSS Counselor
  • Marcie Kagawa, Communications Specialist
  • Steve Auger, DSS Alternate Media Specialist
  • Troy Davis, Dean of Counseling and Student Development
  • Virgil Adams, Human Services Faculty
  • Michael Ashton, Instructional Designer
  • Ann Sheridan-Solis, Accounting Faculty
  • Cypress College Student (name TBD)

Terms of Membership

Not applicable. This is a workgroup.