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Chair: Brittany Hamer
Chair Contact:
Meeting Dates:
The Connect2Cypress and Commit2Cypress Planning Committee meets bimonthly in the semester leading up to the respective event dates.
Meeting Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD


Connect2Cypress featuring Majors2Career launches Cypress College’s outreach season as we invite local high school seniors to learn about the academic options, resources, and student support services available. During the event, high school seniors:

  • Learn about the Charger Experience Program and how to qualify for 2 years of free tuition
  • Meet faculty, staff, and student from each academic pathway
  • Participate in a Student Services fair to learn how Cypress College supports their academic success
  • Take a RIASEC assessment to connect career interests to majors

In addition to engaging high school seniors, this is also an in-reach activity for our current students with the Majors2Careers showcase. Current students have the opportunity to go through a RIASEC walk that brings their aspirations, skills, interests, majors and career options to life. Student also see how their career and major interests are directly related as they interact with different employers through an Employer/Internship Fair.

Commit2Cypress is Cypress College’s signing day for new, first-time students entering the Charger Experience Program. Students who attend Commit2Cypress will:

  • Submit their Promise Agreement via myGateway
  • Commit to attending Cypress College in the fall term

Reporting Relationships

The Connect2Cypress/Commit2Cypress planning committees report to the Vice President of Student Services (VPSS).

Membership Composition

The Connect2Cypress and Commit2Cypress Planning Committees are a multi-departmental/division group of employees. Current membership composition:

  • Charger Experience Director
  • Charger Experience Counselors
  • Charger Experience Coordinator
  • SL&L Director
  • Career Planning Center Director
  • Campus Communications Director
  • Dean of Counseling and Student Development
  • Student Equity and Success Director
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Director of Campus Safety
  • Director of Maintenance and Operations

Current Membership

  • Brittany Hamer – Interim Director, Charger Experience Program
  • Maria Haro – Counselor, Charger Experience Program
  • Adriana Caridad – Counselor, Charger Experience Program
  • Amelia Mosley – Counselor, Charger Experience Program
  • Kassandra Lawrence – Counselor, Charger Experience Program
  • Kendra Ubierna – Counselor, Charger Experience Program
  • Karen Hill – Counselor, Charger Experience Program
  • Dario Resendiz – Coordinator, Charger Experience Program
  • Gloria Ortega – Executive Assistant
  • Romeo Garcia – Director Student Equity and Success
  • Luu Tran – Administrative Assistant II
  • Angela Sardan – Director of the Career Planning Center
  • Dr. Troy Davis – Dean of Counseling and Student Development
  • Dave Okawa – Director of Student Life and Leadership
  • Marc Posner – Director of Campus Communications

Terms of Membership

Ongoing; subject to employee continuation in position.