How To Get Help

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When you need help:

  1. Email your instructor. Your instructor is your best resource. Instructor email addresses are located in the faculty directory.
  2. Check your computer. Be sure the settings and programs that might be used by the Canvas Learning System are correctly loaded.
    • Browser: For a current list of supported browsers and operating systems please access the Canvas Supported Browser page.
    • Cookies: The Learning System uses a cookie to keep track of your current session. You must have cookies enabled so we can maintain your current state as you navigate through the application.
    • Javascript: Almost every part of the Learning System relies on Javascript for the ability to generate interactive web pages. You must have Javascript enabled.
    • Pop-up Blocker: The Learning System sometimes uses small browser windows to deliver requested content. If you have installed a pop-up blocker, turn it off while using the Learning System.+
  3. Contact Canvas Support for technical issues.
  4. Call the Distance Education Office at (714) 484-7052. We’re available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.