Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.

– René Magritte

The Cypress College Art Department offers a variety of studio, design, and history courses that encourage exploration, innovative thinking, and traditional and emerging technological approaches to craft and expression. Within the context of the department, art making in its broadest sense, is considered a process, a way of thinking and communicating, and an agent for change. Concept, critical thinking, history, collaboration, storytelling, craft, and process are primary learning outcomes in all department courses. Students develop foundational analytic and studio skills to articulate the interconnection between art and life. To this end, the faculty and staff are deeply committed to the success of their students and work to prepare them to be competitive for transfer to four-year universities or art and design schools, ultimately, a career in the arts.

Various paintings hung on a wall

What You’ll Study
  • Fundamentals of Art
  • Art
  • Art History
  • Modern Art History
  • Arts of Africa, Oceania and Indigenous North America
  • Two-Dimensional Design
  • Three-Dimensional Design
  • Digital Art
  • Color Theory
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Crafts
  • Ceramics Handbuilding
  • Ceramics Throwing
  • Technical and Conceptual Ceramics
  • Ceramic Studio Exploration
  • Ceramic Aesthetics and Finishes
  • Art Open Laboratory
  • Gallery Studies: Exhibition Preparation and Installation Techniques
  • Gallery Studies: Exhibition Organization and Management Techniques
  • Portfolio Development and Professional Practices
  • Contemporary Art Studio
  • Jewelry Design
  • Metalsmithing
  • Drawing
  • Life Drawing
  • Life Painting
  • Portrait Painting
  • Painting
  • Latin American Art
  • Illustration


Visit our catalog for more information about the degrees and certificates, courses, and program learning outcomes for students majoring in Art.

Careers & Salary


  • Art Teacher, Postsecondary
  • Craft Artist
  • Fine Artist
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Illustrator
  • Secondary School Teacher


  • Low: $22k
  • Average: 462k
  • High: $187k

Program Mapper

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What Students Say

“My first art professor at Cypress really inspired me. He not only taught valuable knowledge and assigned interesting projects, but also helped me believe in my art skills and ability. Hence, I chose art with a concentration in graphic design as my major.”

Nhi Nguyen

Adjunct Faculty
  • David Anderson
  • Gail Arriola-Nickell
  • Mary Beierle
  • Holly Boruck
  • Rochelle Botello
  • Todd Brainard
  • Kimberly Burch
  • Carleton Christy
  • Nzuji DeMagalhaes
  • Evelyn Erickson
  • Zara Feeney
  • Daniela Gutierrez
  • Robert Huerta
  • Angela Lessing
  • Jeff McMillan
  • Kimberly Morris
  • Ruby Osorio
  • Cleveland Palmer
  • Kaleeka Quaye
  • John Radosevich
  • Seija Rohkea
  • Nathan Rohlander
  • Heather Walker
  • Carol Zou
Art Department

Location: Fine Arts Building, Room 200
T: (714) 484-7134
Department Chair: Donivan Howard,