Media Arts Design (MAD)

Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.

– Richard Grefé

MAD is the digital art program located in the Fine Arts Division of Cypress College. Our courses and certificates explore both the creative and commercial use of digital art technologies and equip students with the skills necessary to obtain employment, update job skills and provide a foundation for transfer to 4-year universities, art and design schools, and the marketplace.

Classes are offered for both Mac and Windows.

Students creating a film

What You’ll Study
  • Media Arts Design
  • Web Design
  • 3D Graphics
  • Social Media Vlog Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Video Production
  • Animation History and Technology
  • Media Writing
  • Electronic Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia Mobile Design
  • Modeling
  • History of Graphic Design
  • Electronic Paint
  • Digital Imaging
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Animation
  • Multimedia Web Design
  • The Film Business-Conception to Exhibition
  • Video Editing
  • Cinematography
  • Preproduction for TV, Video, and Film
  • Digital Video Explorations
  • Documentary Digital Cinema
  • Live Event Video and Audio Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Single Camera Production
  • Contemporary Art Studio
  • Film Noir Genre
  • Great Directors of Cinema
  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Picture Production
  • Science Fiction Film Genre
  • Silent Film Genre
  • Western Film Genre
  • Horror Film Genre
  • Computer Graphics Studio
  • Storyboarding, Comics, Pre Visual
  • Typography for Media Design
  • Visual Development and Layout
  • Projection Mapping for Live Entertainment
  • Storyboarding and Layout
  • Media Arts Design Internship

Visit our catalog for more information about degrees and certificates, courses, and program learning outcomes for students majoring in Media Arts Design.

Careers & Salary


  • Commercial Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Broadcast News Analyst
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Radio Announcer
  • Television Announcer
  • Art Teacher
  • Craft Artist
  • Fine Artist
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Illustrator
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Animator


  • Low: $18k – $31k
  • Average: $61k – $65k
  • High: $117k – $208k+

Program Mapper

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Adjunct Faculty
  • John Bilotta
  • Geoff Chu
  • Charles Gray
  • Todd Howard
  • Jeff McMillan
  • West Richins
  • Thomas Shimanek
  • Jeremiah Thompson
  • Paul Wenner
  • Dennis Wright
Media Arts Design Department

Location: Fine Arts, Room 220
T: (714) 484-7030
Department Chair: Katalin Angelov,