SI For Faculty

How to attach an SI leader to your course

To have an SI component attached to your course, contact the SI Coordinator’s office. Though some courses may not be eligible for an SI component, if your course is eligible, the SI program will provide an SI leader depending on availability.

In addition to providing students in-depth supplemental study sessions, SI leaders can act as a vital bridge of communication between students and faculty.

How to best utilize an SI Leader

SI Leaders do not teach material in their sessions but rather facilitate information you have taught. SI leaders are trained to work closely with your course outline in order to avoid presenting any material that you have not authorized.

SI leaders do not present new material but rather supplement the material you want presented. For more information about how to best utilize an SI component in your course, contact the SI Coordinator’s office.

Faculty Recommendation Form

A Faculty Recommendation Form must be completed by a Cypress College faculty member in order to recommend a student as a potential SI Leader.