Political Science

It is the purpose of the Department of Political Science to prepare the student for a life of citizenship and professionalism. Towards this end, the department offers courses in the major parts of the discipline (American politics, political theory, comparative politics, international relations). Further, it is our goal to help students become more conscious of the many and complex ways in which political forces–both domestic and global–shape their lives, for better or worse.

Our Political Science Program is designed to provide students with an understanding of politics, its processes, its theories, and its institutions. Studies emphasize structure and function of government and the necessity for human social order. Students gain an understanding of political parties, interest groups, international relationships, public law, public administration, liberty, freedom, justice, and power. Course work stresses communication and persuasion skills, and the use of logic and reason.



Gloria Badal, Coordinator
Peter Mathews


Kevin Eperjesi
Christine Jun
Craig Matthews
Mark Rossler

Political Science Department

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