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Group NameCaring Campus
Type of GroupCampus Committee (subcommittee of Guided Pathways)
Description/Purpose/ChargeCaring Campus is a group of classified employees working in conjunction with Guided Pathways with a specific commitment to our students to enhance dedication and implementation of student engagement initiatives, as well as create new initiatives.

The purpose of Caring Campus is to foster a supportive environment for all employees in order to enhance student experience and success, while promoting a campus environment of well-being and care for the entire campus community.
Reporting Relationships  Caring Campus is a subcommittee of the Guided Pathways Steering Committee. Caring Campus makes regular reports to the Guided Pathways Steering Committee.
Decision-Making Authority  Caring Campus has the authority to make decisions about the implementation of our events.

Caring Campus has the authority to make decisions regarding the internal structure of the group.

Caring Campus has the authority to make decisions regarding how the group works.
Membership CompositionCo-Chair, Classified Staff
Co-Chair, Classified Staff
Members, Classified Staff
Terms of Membership  Members serve unlimited terms; they may leave or join the group at any time. Co-chairs serve two-year terms; maximum of 4 consecutive years.
Membership Process  Members can join at any time. Co-chairs are voted in by members.
Meeting Dates/Times  Caring Campus meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 9 a.m. via Zoom, and once per semester in person.
Meeting ProceduresMeeting agendas are issued in advance of meeting times. Agenda items may be addressed out of order to accommodate guests. Any agenda item not addressed will be tabled until the next meeting.
Consensus Process, Decision-Making, and DocumentationClear agreements and public indications of understanding and support are critical to maintain forward progress for the work of the group. On occasion, and after extensive dialogue, members will be asked to indicate their agreement to pursue a specific direction or to conclude discussion of a specific topic or action. This agreement will seek to be based on “majority vote.” For voting to take place in a meeting, we need at least 5 members plus a co-chair present. If the majority vote is no, the item will not move forward. If it is yes, the item will move forward. Only members in attendance at the meeting get a vote; there will not be any delayed voting. In the event of a tie, Guided Pathways chairs will make the deciding vote.
Communication and Distribution of MaterialsCaring Campus will distribute minutes and documents to their constituency via email and posting to Caring Campus’ SharePoint. A link to the SharePoint is on the Caring Campus webpage on the Cypress College website.
Charter Established/Revised Dates  Charter established on: March 17, 2023
Charter last reviewed on: April 11, 2023
Charter last revised/approved on: April 27, 2023
Current RosterThe co-chairs are Belinda Allan and Cari Jorgensen. The members are: Mohammad Chaudry, Diana Domingo, Temperence Dowdle, Tori Felipe, Ayman Gadalla, Nick Gutierrez, Marcie Kagawa, Gloria Ortega, Daisy Ramirez, Joseph Shonkwiler, and Anastasia Thrift.
Brown ActNo