Thomas Shimanek

About Professor Shimanek

Hello, My name is Thomas Shimanek. I joined the Media Arts department at Cypress College in the Spring of 2014. I earned a B.F.A. in Film & Television Production from Chapman University.

I started my career in Hollywood working on: Reality TV, Commercials, Infomercials and Small Budget Films. For the past 10 years I have owned and operated an event production company that focuses on weddings, sports, theatrical, and corporate events.

Classes I’ve taught at Cypress College:

  • MAD 184 – Digital Media Exploration
  • MAD 186 – Wedding & Event Videography

When I am not teaching or shooting events, I spend my time with my beautiful wife as we chase our kids around Disneyland.

Motto: “On your tombstone lies two dates, but all that matters is the dash in the middle” – Unknown

Recommended Course

MAD 186C: Wedding & Event Videography

In this class I will teach you how to start, operate, and maintain your very own wedding/event production company. We will learn the different types of filming techniques and the appropriate equipment needed to tell an effective story.


MAD 186C: Wedding & Event Videography

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce the student to the aesthetic concepts, basic skills, and techniques used by videographers to create cinematic films. Students will acquire hands on knowledge of Digital Cinema application and hardware used in Event Productions.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, successful students will have completed the course objectives and demonstrated the following learning outcomes:

  1. Operate and assemble a variety of camera, audio and lighting systems for event videography.
  2. Describe selected terminology concerning video filming processes and techniques.
  3. Select the proper materials and equipment to accomplish assignments.
  4. Distinguish appropriate sequences of shots needed for thorough and complete documentation of video assignments.
  5. Identify appropriate settings and scenes for filming sequences.
  6. Assemble, organize, and operate advanced video sets.
  7. Compare and contrast the different types of film & video styles needed for different types of events. Digital cinema technical framework.