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Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

IGETC is accepted at all UC and CSU campuses in lieu of the campus specific lower division general education requirements when it is certified* by a California Community College. It is also one of the general education plans that may be used in the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT). However, IGETC may not be recommended for certain majors or accepted by specific schools within the university. Students should consult a counselor to see if IGETC is the appropriate plan for them. Students will still need to complete additional upper division general education after transfer. IGETC must be completed in its entirety with the following exception:

  • Partial IGETC Certification: If a student is approaching readiness for transfer and, for good cause, is unable to complete one or two IGETC courses which are not required for admission to the university, he or she may be eligible to complete IGETC after transferring. See the Cypress College catalog or your counselor for specific information on the process as there are restrictions on completion of courses after transfer.
    • * Note: Cypress College is permitted to certify completion of the IGETC Requirements. Certification is not automatic. To meet general education requirements and obtain certification, students must:
  • Complete the pattern of courses in the categories listed with a grade of “C” or better in every course. The courses must be on the list at the time the student completed the course. If a course is taken before it is approved for inclusion on the list, it cannot be used in the certification process. Similarly, a course which is taken after it has been removed from the list cannot be certified.
  • Apply for IGETC certification in the Admissions and Records Office during the semester in which requirements will be completed or thereafter. There is no deadline date for this application.
  • IGETC certification is automatic when using this plan to satisfy the general education requirement for the ADT. There is no need for a separate application.

IGETC requirements are also available on www.assist.org.