Student Learning Outcomes Committee Charter

Group NameStudent Learning Outcomes Committee
Type of GroupRepresentative Body
Description/Purpose/ChargeTo advance the mission of Cypress College, the Student Learning Outcomes Committee assists, supports, and guides Faculty as they develop, implement, and evaluate both CSLOs and PSLOs in an effort to improve teaching and student learning in courses, programs, certificates, and degrees.
Reporting Relationships  The Student Learning Outcomes Committee is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate and makes regular reports to the Academic Senate.

The Student Learning Outcomes Committee provides SLO related recommendations to the Instructional Program Review Committee as needed.

The Student Learning Outcomes Committee provides SLO related recommendations to the Curriculum Committee as needed.
Decision-Making Authority  The SLO Committee has the authority to make SLO-related compliance recommendations to the Instructional Program Review Committee to meet Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) accreditation standards and support student success.

The SLO Committee has the authority to make SLO-related recommendations to the Curriculum Committee.
Membership CompositionSLO Coordinator, Faculty

Division Faculty Representatives (One per Division)

An Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) Representative (resource member)

An Instructional Dean Representative (resource member)

An Adjunct Faculty Representative (resource member)
Terms of Membership  The SLO Coordinator serves a three-year term.

Division representatives serve three-year terms.

The Instructional Research & Planning representative has no term limit.

The Instructional Dean has no term limit.

The Adjunct Faculty representative has no term limit.
Membership Process  The Academic Senate appoints the SLO Coordinator.

Each division is responsible for selecting its representative.

The Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) office selects the IRP representative.

The administration (Vice President of Instruction) is responsible for selecting the Instructional Dean.

The Academic Senate appoints the Adjunct Faculty representative.
Meeting Dates/Times  The SLO Committee meets on Mondays from 3 to 4:30 p.m. as needed.

SLO Committee meeting dates are to be determined by the SLO Coordinator before the start of the semester and communicated to the committee via email prior to the first meeting.
Meeting ProceduresThe SLO Coordinator sets agendas and leads meetings.
Consensus Process, Decision-Making, and DocumentationThe SLO Committee will use consensus as its voting method. When there is dissension, the SLO Committee members will make all attempts to work out their differences and discussion should continue until consensus is achieved. Consensus means that either everyone shows thumbs up, or all SLO Committee members agree to move forward on the topic despite the lack of full consensus.

SLO Committee meeting minutes note key discussions, agreements, and recommendations.
Communication and Distribution of MaterialsThe group will provide timely and accessible documentation (i.e., agendas and minutes) of its activity and outputs that reflect key discussion points and action items. The group will distribute this documentation and pertinent information to their constituency via email or division meetings.

SLO documents (i.e., meeting minutes, SLO Faculty Handbook, resources for CSLO assessment, resources for Department PSLO mapping, resources for Degree & Certificate PSLOs) are located on the Resources for Student Learning Outcomes (RSLO) Canvas Course shell. The SLO Coordinator sends an email to Faculty with the self-enrolling link to the RSLO Canvas course at the beginning of the semester.
Charter Established/Revised Dates  Charter established on: September 25, 2023
Charter last reviewed on: September 25, 2023
Charter last revised/approved on: November 13, 2023
Current Roster·       Jennifer Coopman, SLO Coordinator
·       Kristina Oganesian, Institutional Research & Planning Representative
·       Colin Preston, Instructional Dean Representative
·       Chrystal Johnson, Adjunct Faculty Representative
·       Joe Trevino, SEM
·       Kathleen Troy, Business/CIS
·       Andrew Alhadeff, Kinesiology/Athletics
·       Denise Vo, Counseling
·       Vacant, Library
·       Doug Sallade, CTE
·       Virgil Adams, Social Science
·       Diana Tira, Health Science
·       Jill Bauer, Language Arts
·       Maha Afra, Visual and Performing Arts
Constitution/Bylaws ReferenceThe SLO Committee is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate and operates under the guidelines created and approved by the Academic Senate.

The SLO Faculty Handbook is approved by Academic Senate.
Brown ActNo