Planning & Budget Committee

Chair: Stephen Schoonmaker
Chair Contact:
Meeting Dates: 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month
Meeting Time: 1:30–3:30 p.m.
Meeting Location: CCCPLX-419
A.S. Representative: Vacant


The purpose of the Planning and Budget Committee (PBC) is to serve as the primary recommending body to the President’s Advisory Cabinet on general budget and planning issues for the campus and to convey to PAC the views of the campus community on matters relevant to both budget and planning for the College. All actions of PBC will be communicated to its constituencies in the form of full minutes. These minutes will reflect full discussion, including the intent of PBC.


The PBC is a college-wide committee with representation from all constituencies.  This committee makes recommendations to PAC on a regular basis. Recommendations shall be approved by PAC prior to campus implementation.  Senate represents the faculty on academic and professional matters as defined in Title 5 of the California Education Code on Strengthening Academic Senates.  The United Faculty represents the faculty on wages, hours and working conditions, and on contractual matters.  The California School Employees Association (CSEA) represents the classified staff on wages, hours, working conditions, and contractual matters. The District Management Association (DMA) represents Cypress College managers and their views regarding affected areas in deliberating and formulating decisions.  Students are represented by the Associated Students and have rights as defined in Title 5. Regardless of these constituent organizational characterizations it is expected and essential that all committee members will endeavor to fully participate and contribute in every aspect of the committee’s business for the betterment of Cypress College and success of its students.

Composition of PBC Membership

Since 1995, the former Budget and Campus Planning Committees were combined into one committee, now referred to as the Planning and Budget Committee (PBC). The voting members of the PBC are the following:

  • Vice President, Administrative Services
  • Vice President, Instruction
  • Vice President, Student Services
  • Director, Institutional Research and Planning
  • Academic Senate President
  • Academic Senate Designee
  • United Faculty Representative
  • CSEA Representative
  • CSEA Representative
  • CSEA Representative
  • Associated Student Representative
  • Associated Student Representative
  • Associated Student Representative
  • Program Review Chair

The following are non-voting Resource Advisors:

  • Chair, Curriculum Committee
  • Coordinator, Staff Development
  • Dean, Counseling and Student Development
  • Instructional Dean (selected by VPI)
  • Student Services Representative (selected by VPSS)
  • Director, Academic Computing
  • Director, Campus Communications
  • Manager, International Student Program
  • Director, SSSP
  • Strategic Plan Direction Chairs

PBC Membership 2022-2023

Voting Members

Stephen Schoonmaker –
Bryan Ventura – Co-chairDirector,
Paul de
Damon de la CruzAcademic Senate
Kathleen McAlisterAcademic Senate
Mary (Fola) OdebunmiUnited Faculty
Aaron PilkeyCSEA
Barbara WoolnerCSEA
Belinda AllanCSEA
Marbelly JairamCSEA Rep
Lauren CapulongAssociated Student
Kisha MehtaAssociated Student
VacantAssociated Student Representative 
Stephanie RosatiProgram Review

Resource Members (Non-voting)

Joyce PeacockChair, Curriculum
Michael BrydgesCoordinator, Professional  
Troy DavisDean, Counseling and Student
Colin PrestonInstructional Dean (VPI selects)
VacantDean, Student Services Representative (selected by VPSS) 
Jose SanchezDirector, Academic
Marc PosnerDirector, Campus
Yongmi HanManager, International Student
 VacantDirector, Student Equity and Achievement 
Howard KummermanDirector,
Rick HodgeDean,  
Thu NguyenBusiness Office

To request copies of archived agendas and minutes, please contact the committee chair.