Online Career Information Databases and Licensed Career Programs

All programs are available in the Career Planning Center and most programs are available online. Following is a list of our site licensed computer programs and online access information.

Candid Career Videos

Access to the career advice of industry professionals on video. Features informational interviews to help you discover and explore your many career options, the “get hired” how-to videos cover important job search topics such as résumé writing, and interviewing can help prepare you to land your next job.

Website:  Candid Career

Career Cruising

An engaging and inspiring career-learning program, which assists people of all ages to achieve their full potential in school, career, and life. It comes complete with an interactive Living Portfolio, Matchmaker assessment tool, multimedia occupational profiles, detailed career information, and more.

Website: Career Cruising

Choices360 and Ability Profiler

Choices360 — This comprehensive program helps you Learn, Explore, Plan, and Connect your education and major to your goals and career choices.  Learn about your interests, skills, and work values and use them to find career options that are right for you.  Explore and compare careers, salaries, and skills.  Plan your academic steps to achieve your goals.  Build and personalize your portfolio, create résumés and thank-you letters, polish your interview skills, and find jobs in your area.

Ability Profiler — Assessment results give you an understanding of your abilities in arithmetic reasoning, computation, vocabulary, three-dimensional space, name comparison, and object matching. It also demonstrates the relevance between aptitude scores and the world of work.

Website: Choices360
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EUREKA, MicroSKILLS, and Funding Finder

This powerful computer program contains a tremendous amount of valuable career information. Features include: Occupations (description, pay, labor outlook, preparation, etc.) Programs of Study (schools offering majors and degree programs), Industries (e.g. banking, construction, insurance, telecommunications, etc.), Funding Finder, Financial Aid, Owning your Own Business, Job Search Guide, and MicroSkills (measuring and matching skills to career possibilities).

Website: EUREKA
1st Time Users:

  • In Member Login area, Click on “Create Account”
  • Go to Students/Clients box and
  • Enter EUREKA site ID code: J1DJUXH
  • Complete the Personal Information page
  • Create Log in and Password

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

Accurate and current Online Reference Databases that are curriculum-oriented and interactive covering a wide range of subjects, such as history, science, careers, literature, geography, and more. Each subject-specific database offers you an unprecedented depth of coverage — with extensively hyperlinked full-text records, citation information, and a wide range of printable resources.

Website: Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center
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FOCUS 2 Career

FOCUS 2 will help you make informed career and education plans. FOCUS 2 assesses students’ involvement and introduces activities that support career and education decision making. Features include:

Reliable and research based Self Assessments:

  • Career Readiness Quiz
  • Work Interest (including Holland Code), Personality, Values, Skills, and Leisure Assessment
  • Career Exploration with detailed, current descriptions of 1500+ occupations and 600+ videos. Exploratory tools, occupation search by name and industry, and What can I do with a Major in…?”.
  • Action Plan Tool to plan courses, identify career and education objectives, build support network and plan career relevant experiences such as Internships, Study Abroad, and Volunteering.
  • Online Career Portfolio summarizes assessment results with their preferred majors and careers and personal comments/rankings, goals and achievements

Website: To obtain Focus2 weblink/URL please do one of the following four options

  • Call the Career Planning Center at (714) 484-7120
  • E-mail and receive the login instructions within 2-3 business days
  • Meet with a Career Counselor
  • Enroll in a Career Class

Kuder Journey

Kuder Journey is a one-of-a-kind solution to help college students and adults plan for the right career! Based on your specific needs, Journey provides reliable tools to assess your interests, suggest education and career options, prepare you for the job search, and connect you to today’s jobs.

Website: Kuder Journey Click on “New users register here!”
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Roadtrip Nation: Roadmap to Careers

Roadmap to Careers is a dynamic, interactive, user-friendly career exploration platform offering the options to complete the roadmap assessment activity, explore and save careers, create a plan, and share your individual Roadmap with your counselor.

Website: Roadtrip NationCreate your account with your own: 1) User Name, 2) Password, and 3) Email
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Symplicity CC Career Connect

CCCareerConnect is an online career services portal exclusively for Cypress College students accessible through myGateway. Students can search thousands of jobs and internship listings. They can find local jobs posted by employers within a 40-mile radius or use the NACE Link (National Association of Colleges and Employers) to search for jobs in the State and around the country. To assist students with their job searching, tools are available within CCCareerConnect such as Resume Builder, Mock Interviews, Document Library, and Career Explorer. Students may also use CCCareerConnect to save their resumes, cover letters, and other important documents that may be needed to apply for a job. CCCareerConnect allows students to make direct contact with employers through their job postings and opens the door to professional networking. For instructions on how to access CCCareerConnect, click CCCCInstructions.

Instructions to access CCCareerConnect:

  1. Log onto myGateway
  2. Click on “Student” tab at the top of the page.
  3. Scroll down to “Student Links” section.
  4. Search for and click the CCCareerConnect link.
  5. Complete your profile on CCCareerConnect.
  6. Get to work!

If you have any questions, please email

Warning: Employment fraud exists when people who are seeking employment are scammed into a false hope of earning wages.  Unfortunately, employment fraud is on the rise and young people are a popular target of this particular type of crime. False job listings are typically used to illegally collect personal information from job seekers or facilitate other forms of illegal activity. While the Career and Life Planning Center does not knowingly accept fraudulent job postings, regrettably, false job postings may appear in our listing from time to time. It is the responsibility of users to do their due diligence before interviewing with or accepting offers from companies posting job listings on CCCareerConnect. Please read the Warning Signs for Fraudulent Job Postings. If any of the warning signs come up as a result of your application to a position in CCCareerConnect, stop all communication and please notify Melissa Carpenter at  immediately.


TypeFocus provides online assessments and career development resources so people can gain insights into themselves and use that knowledge to develop rewarding relationships, choose satisfying careers, become leaders that are more effective, and live healthier and happier lives. TypeFocus also offers occupational exploration, goal setting tools, job search tools (personal branding, interview guide, and a résumé writing wizard), and success tools to help you better succeed in your professional environment, both personally and in teams.

Website: TypeFocus
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Vocational Biographies

Shadow up to 1,001 persons from across America in careers of interest to you. Click on one of the search buttons at the top of the page. You will get a list of titles. Click on one of the titles and the career story will appear for you to read or print.

Website: Vocational Biographies
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