Online Counseling

Welcome! Cypress College is committed to enhancing the student experience by providing opportunities for students to access counseling services from virtually anywhere. During the registration period, counselors in major areas will be seeing students on a walk-in basis.

Through Cranium Café, students can meet with counselors face-to-face through video conferencing. This online platform allows students to complete all services available in an in-person counseling session using audio and webcam features. We also have instant messaging available for general questions.

How to Use Online Counseling Services

To ensure that students utilize our online services effectively and appropriately, please follow the guidelines below:

Technical Requirements

  • Mac OS and Windows (desktop or laptop)
    • Use latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browser
    • Have audio and web camera settings enabled
      • Mac OS: System Preferences → Settings → Privacy
      • Windows: Start → Settings → Privacy
    • Use built-in microphone or have headset with microphone ready
  • Android and other Windows devices (Chromebook, tablet)
    • Use latest version of Google Chrome
    • Have web camera and audio settings enabled
  • iOS devices (iPads or iPhones)
    • Use latest version of Google Chrome for chat features and enter lobby
    • Download ConexED app from the app store
  • Check Audio and Webcam Settings

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • For privacy and confidentiality, find a private and quiet location where you and the counselor can communicate comfortably. We recommend you log in using a private computer.
  • Be sure to update your phone number and email in myGateway. You will receive confirmation emails and instructions on how to log in including additional information from the college if there are technical difficulties and we may need to use another method of communication (Zoom or phone call).

Online Etiquette and How to Prepare

  • Prepare to use online counseling services as you would for an in-person session on campus. Have your Student ID number ready for verification and wear proper attire.
  • Have your documents available to share or discuss with the counselor
  • Be respectful and courteous when using online services
  • Information shared during the session is confidential and needs to remain private
  • There are specific technical requirements to utilize the services and some features may be limited depending on the device. Test your audio and webcam settings prior to accessing services.

For detailed steps on how to utilize Cranium Café, click here.

Please review chart below to see the best services for your needs.

Topics for Major/Area of Study Walk-ins (first come, first served) Topics for Express Counseling (Walk-in)
  • Major/degree requirements
  • Career/goal setting
  • Transfer requirements
  • Other college transcript review
  • Progress check
  • Develop comprehensive educational plan
  • New students process
  • One-semester educational planning
  • English, ESL, math placement process
  • College policy and procedures
  • General program information
  • General transfer information
  • Prerequisite clearances *

Note: If you are unable to visit our Virtual Lobby during regular office hours, please check out our web-based email services.

For Express Counseling

Enter our Express Counseling Virtual Lobby during regular office hours for assistance by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Express Counseling Virtual Lobby
  2. Click on Current Students
  3. Use your myGateway log-in (Student ID and password)
    • For prospective students who do not have an ID number, click on Create Account and follow the steps
  4. Wait in our virtual lobby (waiting room) and keep your browser window open (if you close your browser, you will exit the lobby and will need to re-enter)
  5. A counselor will see you as soon as they are available (check your technical requirements)

For Express Online

Express online is a web-based email service for students with general counseling questions. Students can submit a question by clicking the link below and our counselors will respond to submitted questions in the order that they appear. Keep in mind response times will vary and may be longer during registration peak periods.

Express Online is for students who have general questions regarding:

  • English, ESL, and math placement process
  • College policy and procedures
  • New students process
  • General program information
  • General transfer information
  • Prerequisite Clearances*

Students may find that some questions will require an appointment with a counselor. This service is meant to address general questions, and we may invite you to schedule an appointment for additional counseling services.

Prior to submitting a question, please review our Frequently Asked Questions, which includes answers to the most commonly asked online questions.

If you have difficulty accessing any of these services, please send an email to Response times vary during peak registration periods.

Security and Privacy Message
Cypress College strives to safeguard all electronic transactions.  However, when using this site, be aware that information transmitted through our Online Counseling service and email correspondence is not encrypted.  Additionally, certain inquiries may be referred to other campus departments and/or staff which may be better suited to answer the inquiry. By using this site you agree to the above listed terms.