Transfer Admission Guidelines

Transfer Admission Guarantee Programs

Transfer Admission Guarantee Programs assure students that if they meet specific criteria they will be offered admission to the university.  Cypress College has guarantee agreements with several universities both in California and out of state.

UC Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG)

A TAG is a free, quick and easy way to determine if the student is eligible for admission to a specific university within the UC system. The TAG secures a seat at a selected university, provided that the student meets the conditions specified in the agreement. The TAG helps the student to understand

  • The courses he or she must complete before transferring
  • The minimum GPA he or she must earn
  • The number of units required to transfer
  • The specific requirements for high-demand majors

TAGs are available for the following schools:

A TAG application is completed in September ONE YEAR BEFORE the student plans to transfer. Most universities require that a minimum of 30 UC transferable units and the first transferable English and Math courses are completed prior to submitting a TAG application. Each school also has a minimum GPA required to be eligible for the TAG.  Please see the Transfer Center’s workshop listing for upcoming Pre-TAG and TAG workshops.

Students can write one (1) TAG from a choice of the six (6) participating UCs. Requirements for each school are listed on the UC Admissions website.

TAG Tips

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) contracts are offered by six participating schools of the University of California (UC) System, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz.

  • Begin your TAG early. The UC Transfer Admission Planner website is available all the time. However, fall TAG requirements are posted by July 1.The website has links to each campus’ requirements.
  • Print your unofficial transcript from myGateway. Also have copies of all transcripts from other colleges as well as AP/IB reports.
  • Use your full legal name.
  • Enter the courses in the semester they were taken.
  • Select your courses from the pull down menus.
  • Enter any additional courses that are not on the pull down menus. Be sure to include the whole number. If the course was taken at Cypress College, the whole course number includes a space followed by a “C.” EX: ENGL 100 C. Your course entries should look exactly like your transcript.
  • Enter all courses whether or not you believe they are transferable to a UC.
  • Enter all courses from all colleges or universities you have attended.
  • If you have repeated a course, enter both the original course and the repeated course. The program will note a repeated course.
  • Submit TAG by September 30.
  • Complete the UC application between October 1 and November 30.
  • Submit UC application between November 1 and November 30.

UC TAG application website

Please note: If transfer plans change, students are not obligated to attend the TAG Schools.

Arizona State University

The Guaranteed Program for Admission offers students at participating California community colleges the following benefits:

  • ASU tools and guidance on which courses to take while attending your community college
  • Acceptance of IGETC or CSU GE course work for ASU lower-division general studies requirements
  • Ability to transfer to ASU in the fall or spring semester
  • Classes at ASU available during the semester you need them — no impacted programs
  • Your catalog year will remain the year you sign the agreement rather than the year you are admitted to ASU

Guaranteed Admissions Conditions

Complete one of the following:

  • Completion of at least 24 transferable semester credits with a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 3.00 (4.00=“A”) plus either a final high school transcript or GED
  • A fully certified Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or California State University General Education (CSUGE), with a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 2.50 plus either a final high school transcript or GED
  • An associate degree with a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 2.50

Guaranteed admission to ASU in three easy steps:

  1. Complete the sign-up form for the Guaranteed Program for Admission.
  2. Apply for admission to ASU when you’re ready to transfer.
  3. Enroll in classes at ASU to achieve your undergraduate degree.

View a timeline for the Guaranteed Program for Admission.

Have questions? Talk to an ASU transfer specialist.

Grand Canyon University

GCU welcomes transfer students for California Community Colleges to earn a bachelor’s degree from their private Christian university in Phoenix, Arizona.  If you meet one of these TAG requirements, you are automatically accepted to GCU and may enter into an undergraduate degree program:

  • 25 – 90 transferable college credits with a minimum 2.25 GPA
  • 6 – 24 transferable college credits with a minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Fully certified IGETC or CSU GE with a minimum transfer GPA of 2.25

For more information, contact your transfer specialist at

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have an excellent academic track record. While only about 17 percent of black undergraduate students attend an HBCU, more than 28 percent of African-Americans who receive a bachelor’s degrees obtain them from an HBCU.  These colleges and universities are also leading institutions in awarding degrees to African-American students in the life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and engineering programs.

California community college students who complete certain academic requirements are guaranteed transfer to a participating HBCU.

Click here for a list of participating institutions.

Eligibility for the participating HBCUs:

Option one (guaranteed junior standing):

  • Obtain a transfer associate degree with a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Complete either the IGETC or CSU GE pattern

Option Two:

  • Earn 30 or more CSU or UC transferable units with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

At the time of application, students must mail official transcripts directly to interested HBCUs. High School information is not required for Community College students.  Students are encouraged to obtain an application code from The Transfer Center or Legacy Counselor.  This code when entered in the payment section will waive the application fee.

Please note that when applying you will be redirected to the Common Black College Application web site that contains the HBCUs listed above as well as additional HBCUs currently not participating in the California Community College HBCU transfer program.  You are encouraged to apply to as many HBCUs that interest you; however, only those HBCUs listed above can guarantee the program’s benefits.

Additional Resources

UCI Honors to Honors

Cypress College students who meet specific requirements are granted early admission to UCI (not necessarily to their first choice major) and guaranteed admission to the Campus-wide Honors program. Students also receive priority consideration for a special set of merit based scholarships.


  • Submit a UC Admissions Application during the priority application period
  • Attain a 3.7 GPA or higher
  • Submission of the Honors Program Intent to Complete form
  • Nominated by the Cypress College Honors Program Director as a member in good standing and on track to complete the Honors Program Requirements prior to transfer
  • Verified by a UCI Admissions evaluator as having completed transfer requirements, including completion of :
    • 60 UC transfer semester units
    • Minimum major preparation requirements
    • Required course prerequisites
    • UC English Composition Requirement (2 courses)
    • UC Mathematics Requirement (1 course)