Learning Resource Center — FAQ


Do I need a student ID card to use the LRC?

Yes, but only if you plan on checking material out.

Do I need to sign in even if I’m just printing my work?

Yes, no matter what activities you are doing in the LRC every student must sign in and out.

Why do I need to sign in and out?

One reason is we need to have an accurate count of students using the LRC. This helps in funding and justification for the center. Students who need to do lab hours for classes must sign in properly or they will not receive lab credit.


Can materials be taken home?


Can I make copies of the materials?

No, materials are under copyright laws.


Is there a time limit on the computers?

No, but usage should be limited to course work.

Can I save my work on the computers?

No, files saved will not stay if system is restarted or shut down.

Can I work on my online courses in the LRC?

Yes, we have internet access for student use.

Do you have SPSS software?

No, SPSS software is located in the Math Learning Center.

Where is the ESL, Reading, or Foreign Language software located?

In the Language Lab room 130. You must sign in at the front counter of the LRC.


How do I get started?

Send print job using student ID number. At print release station, deposit money and log in with student ID number. Select print job and print.

Do I need a print card?

No. Print cards are no longer used. We now use cash or coin for all prints and copies.

Can I make double sided copies or prints?


Can I print from my laptop or mobile phone?


How much does it cost to print in black & white?

$0.10 per page.

Is color printing available?


How much does it cost to photocopy?

$0.10 per page.

Where can I get change for a $5, $10 or $20 bill?

The Library Circulation Counter located on the 2nd floor.

What if I send a print job and forget my user identification number?

You will need to re-send your print job.  You might want to write down your number.

Where are the printers?

  • L/LRC 1st floor:  LRC Counter, Language Lab,  English Success Center.
  • L/LRC 2nd floor:  Next to the print release station

How long can I wait before going to the print release station?

3 hours.