Lost and Found

The Lost and Found Service is operated by the Campus Safety Department. Please return all found items to Campus Safety for safekeeping. All items received by Campus Safety will be kept for 90 days prior to discarding. Exceptions include perishable items, hazardous materials, credit cards or other items that require special handling. Articles not claimed will be donated. The Campus Safety Department maintains a complete list of all found items at the Campus Safety Office. The on-line Lost and Found Log is updated on a weekly basis.

Quick Tip : Its a good idea to mark or label your property with your Student ID Number. Having an identifiable number on your items will assist us in getting your property back to you quicker.

Safety Escorts

Charger Lift Service – Campus Safety staff will provide personal safety escorts to students and staff upon request. Escorts are offered during the day, night or evening hours. Campus Safety staff will meet you at the specified location and escort you to the desired destination on campus. If you are in need of a personal safety escort please contact the department at (714) 484-7387 and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your location
  • A contact number, and
  • The destination

The Campus Safety Department appreciates advance notice for all personal safety escorts.

Vehicle Assistance

The Department of Campus Safety offers free 24 hour vehicle jump start and lock out services to anyone on campus. Motorists requesting these services must sign an authorization and liability release form. Contact the Campus Safety Office at (714) 484-7387 to request assistance.

Reports and Investigations

Call Campus Safety immediately if you feel you are a victim or a witness to a crime at (714) 484-7387. Campus Safety will conduct the initial investigation and will contact the Cypress Police Department, if necessary, for further investigation.

Emergency Telephones

Emergency telephones are available for use in the event of an emergency. These telephones provide members of our community with a convenient and quick method of contacting Campus Safety. Red emergency telephones are located inside most campus buildings, near the elevators. “Code Blue” (Blue Light) emergency telephones are located at outside locations. See the campus map here.

Blue Light Emergency Phone Exterior Locations:

  • Business Building N.W. Corner
  • Theater Arts Building W. Entrance
  • Fine Arts Building N. Entrance
  • Science Engineering Math E. Entrance
  • Gym 1 S.E. Corner
  • Student Activities Center N. Entrance
  • Pool W. Wall
  • Technical Education 3 S.E. Corner
  • N.O.C.E. Building S. / Lot 4
  • Jogging Track W.
  • College Circle Drive / Soccer Field
  • Parking Lot 9 S. Entrance