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Mathematics Resources

  • Math Department
  • Math Courses
  • Readiness Tests:
    • Algebra Readiness Test (Level 1/MDTP 1) (50 questions, 50 minutes)
    • Elementary Algebra Test (Level 2/MDTP 2) (50 questions, 50 minutes)
    • Intermediate Algebra Test (Level 3/MDTP 3) (45 questions, 50 minutes)
    • Pre-Calculus Test (Level 4/MDTP 4) (40 questions, 50 minutes)

Campus Resources

  • DSS Accommodations
    • Accommodations are available for students with verified disabilities, such as extended time on assessment tests. Contact Disability Support Services at (714) 484-7104 for more information.
  • NOCE College English Preparation Program
    • Students interested in preparing further for tests for English can go to any of our Learning Centers located in either Anaheim, Cypress, or Wilshire campuses through North Orange Continuing Education. For more information including hours of operation and location, visit the NOCE website.
  • Charger Experience Program
    • The Charger Experience Program hosts two Summer Boost Workshops during the summer aimed at improving students’ English or math skills. Two sessions are held for both subjects during the summer. Participation in Summer Boost may help students advance one or more levels in English or math, obtain priority registration for the next academic year, and many other benefits!
    • For more information, email Charger Experience at chargerexperience@cypresscollege.edu.