English: Composition, Literature, & Creative Writing

The Cypress College English Department offers a transfer program that includes composition, literature, creative writing, and humanities.  Our mission is to provide courses that are innovative, flexible, and challenging to meet academic standards for transfer, vocation, and personal development.  The program offers online, hybrid, accelerated, and learning community classes, as well as an AA in English degree.

English Department faculty strive to support and advance students’ abilities to read, write, and think both analytically and creatively.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of a true education.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

NOTE: You are now able to use the Guided Self-Placement tool in lieu of taking the assessment exams. To use the tool, click the button below.



Linda Borla
Joan Daniels
Christie Diep
Mary Forman
Janet Fujimoto
Bret Kaufman
Lawrence Keel
Barbara Marshall
Kathleen McAlister
Joseph Melodia
Melanie Nabahani
Kendyl Palmer
John Payne
Stuart Rosenberg
Kathryn Sonne
Ambika Talwar
Randa Wahbe


Tamar Altebarmakian
Julianne Altenbernd
Perry Anderson
Terry Anderson
Natasha Bauman
Michael Bradley
Justin Brewer
Kris Bromberger
Dya Cangiano
Jamie Carey
Lynne Chatham
Karen Coley
Andrea Cons-Diller
Zoran Cunnigham
Letitia Deon
Pamela Dunsmore
Adira Edmund
Elaine Folayan
Alyssa Geurin
Nicholas Gil
Arthur Goldman
J.Y. Ho
Mark Hyer
Brian Jacob
Ali Jawad
Chris Kennison
Kathryn King
James Lee
Corey Leis
Amy Loy
Miles Magnesi
Rudith Maravilla
Marina Markossian
Tiffany Monroe
Karen Morrell
Anna Morrison
Tariq Najm
Janet Nau
Mallory Reeves
Nora Simoes
Bede Ssensalo
Mujib Tahir
Merica Teng
Allison Verdugo
Ann Warren
Jason Witt

English Department

Location: Humanities, 2nd Floor
T: (714) 484-7169