Department of Rehabilitation

To assist the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) with clients who wish to advance their educational and vocational skills, Cypress College accepts the DORs “Authorization for Vocational Rehabilitation Services Form DR297B” as a guarantee of payment for a student’s full or partial registration fees.

At Cypress College, the Bursar’s Office processes and maintains the Authorization for Vocational Rehabilitation Services Form DR 297B. To ensure that a student is not dropped for non-payment, he or she needs to submit their DR 297B form(s) to the Bursar’s Office before they register for classes. Forms can be submitted:

  • By mail: Cypress College, ATTN: Lisa Morales, Bursar’s Office, 9200 Valley View Street, Cypress, CA
  • By email:
  • In person: Take form to the Bursar’s Office located on the first floor of the Student Center (Next to Admissions & Records).

If you choose to submit the DR 297B form by fax or email, please mail the original as soon as possible. Cypress College requires that an original DR 297B Form be submitted for each DOR student.

If the student is having difficulties obtaining the DR 297B form, and they choose to pay out of pocket, when the DR 297B form is received/applied by the Bursar’s Office to the student’s account, this will create a credit in the student’s account. The student will be refunded in full for the amount of the Authorization and according to the refund issuing schedule date (please refer to the current class schedule for date(s)).