Help for Faculty

The Distance Education Dean, Treisa Cassens, oversees the Cypress College Distance Education Program. She is your dean in your capacity as a Distance Education instructor.

Help for Instructors

Canvas support is available 24/7. You can get help with Canvas by logging in to Canvas and clicking on the “Help?” button located in the global navigation menu. You have three options to contact help:

Report a Problem – contact Distance Education at
Canvas Support Hotline
– call the 24/7 help hotline at 1 (844) 592-2206
Chat with Canvas Support
– chat live with Canvas Support

For DE and Canvas enrollment issues, questions, and assistance, please email

Help for Students

Faculty are the first line of support for student questions. As a Distance Education instructor, the college expects you to be the initial contact for student questions and to respond to student requests for help on a timely basis. Due to DE resource limitations, if students need assistance, faculty should contact Distance Education for guidance and then assist the student  based on the information that the faculty receives from Distance Education staff.

How to Report An Issue

If you experience an issue while using our learning management system, or have a student that needs assistance, For DE and Canvas enrollment issues, questions, and assistance, please email This is for faculty only. If students have not received a response from a faculty, then they can contact DE who will alert the department dean to connect the faculty with the student.

After your issue has been reported, additional information may be requested. Reply to the Distance Education staff promptly during the troubleshooting process. Your collaboration in providing additional clues and testing solutions is crucial for a speedy resolution.