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Recommended Course

HRC  100 C Nutrition

This is an introductory class that blends the scientific principles of nutrition with practical application.


HRC 100 C Nutrition

Welcome to the HRC 100 C Nutrition course. This is an introductory nutrition course where science based principles intersect with practical application.

This course focuses on a practical application of nutrition information to the individual diet and the recognition of nutrition information (Cypress College Schedule of Classes).

Course Requirements

Required Textbook and Software

  • Thompson, Janice and Manore, Melinda. Nutrition for Life. 2013. 3rd Edition. Pearson. ISBN-0321787684.
  • 2My Diet Analysis access code.

Required Supplies

  • Four 882 Scantrons and a #2 pencil.
Assignments and Exams

There are three assignments, three exams, and one cumulative final exam that is required coursework for the HRC 100 C Nutrition course.

Computer access and knowledge is required. Browsing the web, sending and receiving emails, using a computer and printer for written assignments and internet research are all requirements for this class.

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