California State University Campuses (CSU)

The California State University is a public state university system with an emphasis on teaching and teacher and workforce preparation.  It is designed for the top 50% of students.  It has 23 campuses located throughout the state.  The CSU offers more than 1,400 baccalaureate degrees, and master’s degrees in over 200 subject areas.  To obtain a bachelor’s degree from the CSU system, a student must complete a minimum of 120 semester units. Some majors may require a higher number of units for graduation. A maximum of 70 units of transferable credit will be accepted toward the baccalaureate degree from courses completed at Cypress College. The CSU gives preference to local area students which are defined by high school or community college attended.  Students outside of the local area may need to have a higher GPA to qualify for entrance.

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