STEM(2) Applications Due Dec.18

Are you a Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics major? If so, then you should consider applying to Cypress College’s STEM(2) program. The application period for spring is open through December 18. Program benefits include paid summer research opportunities, one-on-one counseling guidance, transport support to any four-year university, networking with industry professionals, priority admission to Cal State Fullerton, STEM career workshops, scholarships, conferences and much more.

For a bit of insight into the program and four-year pathways view the following series of STEM(2) graduate stories:

Alexandra San Pablo, Geocivil Engineering – UC Berkeley Transfer (#CYProud, 2015 graduate)
Valeria Gonzalez, Electrical Engineering –  Cal State Fullerton (#CYProud, 2015 graduate)
Jonathan Le, Biochemistry  – UCLA Transfer (#CYProud, 2015 graduate)

To apply, visit (STEM)2. Applications are due Friday, December 18.


Join our 2016 #STEM cohort!


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