The Cypress College has two significant campaigns in progress:

  • The President’s Circle
  • Pull for Cypress

In addition, the Foundation has undertaken responsibility for providing

  • matches to the college’s federal Title V Grant
  • an Osher Foundation initiative with the California Community Colleges

President’s Circle

The President’s Circle is comprised of annual donors at levels of $1,000 and $1,500.

President’s Circle Mission: To advance educational excellence by generating substantial annual financial support from the closest and most committed friends of the college.

Why Support Cypress College?

  • Cypress College offers educational excellence to its students
  • The Foundation has a clear vision, sound leadership and a strong sense of purpose
  • There is an urgent and compelling need for significant on-going financial support
  • Since its inception, the Foundation has provided student scholarships, emergency grants, books, equipment, instructional materials and facility improvements
  • One-half million students have become more productive and responsible citizens

Pull for Cypress

People plan donations for a variety of reasons.

  • Some are prompted by a spirit of helping others
  • Some do so for tax purposes
  • Some just manage to finally “get around to it” after procrastinating in recent months

If giving is on the agenda, the Foundation’s annual “Pull for Cypress” campaign is worthy of consideration.

No one knows the impact that Cypress College has had on its students more than our faculty and staff. The college has expanded the horizon and opportunities for one-half million students over the past 50 years.