What are DLAs?

Directed Learning Activities (DLA) are faculty-created resources and activities meant to supplement the coursework with which several students have historically struggled. DLAs are available in one of the following formats:

  • Directed Learning Activities (DLAs)
  • Electronic Directed Learning Activities (eDLAs)
  • Workshops


DLAs are supplemental worksheets containing explanations, examples and sets of practice problems that students complete within the Math Learning Center. If necessary, a student may request a tutor’s assistance while working on a DLA. When the student successfully completes a DLA (100% correct), a tutor will record the student’s information and sign their DLA Verification Form. Completed DLAs are stamped with the date and the official MLC stamp, initialed, and returned to the student. The MLC staff will grade one DLA per student per day.


eDLAs are video lessons with interactive quizzing. They are hosted on and can be completed on any internet-enabled device. Once a student completes an eDLA they must come to the MLC to get it graded. If at least 80% of the student’s responses are correct, they may simply ask the Help Desk personnel to stamp and record it. If the student earned less than an 80% but would like to earn credit for the activity, they must present worked-out solutions to a tutor who will then go over the problems that were missed. Lastly, a tutor or staff member will fill out and sign the student’s DLA Verification Form.


Workshops are instructor-led and, unless otherwise stated, 50 minutes in length. At least 24 hours prior to the start of a workshop, interested students should reserve a seat with the MLC Help Desk. Walk‐ins to workshops are permitted, provided there is space available. On the day of the workshop, students report directly to the assigned workshop room. After the workshop is over, students may ask the instructor to sign their DLA Verification Form as proof of attendance.

See the Math Learning Center workshop schedule here.

*No workshops are offered during the Summer session.