Mathematics Learning Center — FAQ

Where is the MLC?

  • The MLC (Math Learning Center) is inside the Library, first floor, on the left-hand side.

What is an eDLA?

  • An eDLA is an interactive video lesson that students access through the MATH N01 Canvas shell.
  • Upon entering the MLC students are given an orientation and asked to sign up for Math N01 Supervised Tutoring. This is a free, non-credit course. After registering for Math N01 students will obtain access to the Canvas shell where all of the eDLAs are hosted.
  • Students can do the eDLAs anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • Many instructors will provide a list at the beginning of the semester of the eDLAs that are required for their course.
  • Students may also do supplemental eDLAs for enrichment.

What is Group Tutoring?

  • Group Tutoring is provided for students in Math 120.
  • Group Tutoring is located next door to the MLC.
  • The schedule for Group Tutoring is on the MATH N01 Canvas Page
  • Tutoring for each topic is provided in 2 hour blocks, rotating times throughout the week.
  • Students may come and go. They do not have to stay for the whole 2 hours.
  • Students may come and listen to other students ask questions. They are not required to ask questions themselves.
  • Email the Math Learning Center staff at to receive the Tutoring Guide for Students to find the Group Tutoring faculty’s Zoom link to their tutoring sessions.

What is the difference between Workshops and DLAs?

  • A Workshop is a scheduled class. Seats are limited to the workshops, which is why you must sign up for these ahead of time in the MLC. In a workshop, an instructor will guide you through examples and group work on a particular subject from your course.

What can I do in the MLC?

  • Here you can sign up for workshops and complete eDLAs.
  • Drop-in tutoring is available without an appointment for all Math courses.
  • Group Tutoring is provided for MATH 120.
  • Books and calculators are available for check out to use in the MLC with a student ID.
  • Computers are available for online homework use.
  • Faculty and student tutors are here to help.

How can I get one-on-one tutoring?

  • One-on-one tutoring is available for free to each student, and are held in rooms L/LRC 114 and 115. To make appointments you can go to the L/LRC website or email