Mathematics Learning Center — FAQ

Is the Math Learning Center (MLC) still open?

Yes, the MLC offers online and on-campus tutoring.

What is LAR N01?

This free non-credit course gives students access to eDLAs hosted on canvas, and provides individual tutoring for all math classes offered at Cypress College.

What is an eDLA and how do students access them?

  • An eDLA is an interactive video lesson that students access through the LAR N01 Canvas shell.
  • At the beginning of the semester, instructors will provide students with a list of all the required eDLAs for their course.
  • Students are also encouraged to do supplemental eDLAs to help reinforce difficult concepts.
  • Students must be registered for LAR N01 to access eDLAs on Canvas. To register for LAR N01, please email the Math Learning Center staff at

How do I complete an eDLA?

  • Log in to Canvas (
  • Choose the LAR N01 C Supervised Tutoring shell
  • Click on Modules and find the Math course that you are taking.
  • Click on the Notes link to download the notes for that lesson. Print the notes.
  • Click on the eDLA Quiz Link to start the eDLA.
  • Watch each video clip while filling in your notes.
  • Work out the problems and submit your answers.
  • Continue watching video clips, filling in your notes, working out the problems and submitting your answers.
  • Click “Submit” once you have completed it.

How do students receive tutoring in the MLC?

  • Students must be registered for LAR N01 to receive tutoring. To register for LAR N01, please email the Math Learning Center staff at
  • Once registered for LAR N01, students can access online tutoring by clicking on the Free Online Tutoring link on the LAR N01 Canvas homepage. This link will direct students to Zoom, where tutors and faculty can assist them with their math questions.

Does the MLC still offer Group Tutoring?

At this time, group tutoring is no longer being offered.

Does the MLC still offer Math Anxiety, Calculus, and Statistics Workshops?

Calculus review workshops are offered at the beginning and ending of the semester. Please see an MLC staff member for more details.

How can I get one-on-one tutoring?

To make appointments, please visit the LRC Tutorial Services website for more information.