Health Center FAQs

Who can use the Health Center services?

Health Center services may be utilized by all registered Cypress College students currently enrolled and attending classes, as well as faculty and staff. Students are no longer eligible to use the Health Center if all classes are dropped regardless of whether the Health Fee has been refunded. Because the Health Center is a student service, there is a $15 office visit and $10 meds fee charge to all faculty and staff seen at the health center.

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are needed to see the physician, nurse practitioner, RN, or counselor. Due to COVID-19, walk-ins are not being seen at this time. Emergencies will be seen immediately. If you cannot keep an appointment, please call to cancel so that your time may be given to another student.

What is the cost to use the Health Center?

Office or counseling visits are free for all registered students. There are nominal student fees for the following:

Birth Control$5 per pack
Hep B Series (3 Injections)$70 each
Copies of Records$10
Condoms$1 for Ten
Repeat TB Skin Test (for any reason)$20
Repeat STI Testing$50

Faculty and staff are seen for emergent complaints only. There is a $20 urgent care visit copay and a $10 medication copay for all faculty and staff.

Can I get copies of my records?

Yes, we can provide copies of your records for you. We will need 24 hours notice, and there is a $10 fee for all requests.

Does the Health Center provide health insurance?

The Health Center does not provide health insurance.  However, we have information available upon request on various types of student health and dental plans.

I have no health insurance.  Where can I go if I am sick?

If your needs are not able to be met through the Health Center, the staff can provide information about appropriate referrals.

Do you provide birth control, or test for pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted disease at the Health Center?

Pregnancy testing is available at no charge. We also provide STD/HIV testing. Providers will screen for STD testing eligibility. Condoms, birth control pills and Emergency Contraception pills are also available through the Health Center.

Can I get prescriptions at the Health Center?

We provide medications as needed, but do not fill prescriptions from outside providers. Medications such as antibiotics and over the counter medications are dispensed through the health Center at no charge.

Can I get an absence note from the Health Center?

The Health Center will provide an absence note if you were seen by the health center staff. However, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor if you are going to miss a class.

What kind of health information is available in the Health Center? (Pamphlets, etc.)

The Health Center has information on various health problems and topics. You can also look up information through “Health Resources.”