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The Health Center offers immunizations to Cypress College students, faculty and staff.  We provide immunizations for T-Dap and Hepatitis B.

The procedure is simple. If you request an immunization, once you sign in you are given an informational flyer about that particular immunization. You are then required to read the flyer, answer a few basic health questions and, if there are no problems or contraindications, the immunization is administered. If you have experienced a severe reaction to an immunization in the past, we will be unable to immunize you at the Health Center. You will then be referred to a physician. The fee scale for immunizations is listed below.

T-Dap: Cost $45 for Students or Staff

Most people receiving Tetanus shots come in needing only one injection, the infamous booster shot.  Once given, it is good for 10 years.

Hepatitis B: 3 Injections at $70 each, $210 total

The Hepatitis B series consists of 3 injections; the initial injection, a second injection 1 (one) month later, and a third injection 6 (six) months later.

Flu Shots: No charge for students; $10 for staff

Flu shots are administered in the fall/winter season, usually from October to December. Watch for alerts prior to flu season.

Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Testing

  • There is no cost for the first one-step TB skin test per year for all registered students. All repeat TB tests within the same year for any reason will cost $20.
  • There is no cost for the first one-step TB skin test per year for full time or part time staff and returning faculty. Repeat TB tests within the same year for any reason will cost $20.
  • There is a $20 charge for all TB skin tests for new part-time adjunct faculty.

Initial visits for one-step TB Skin Tests are scheduled Monday-Wednesday, and a second visit for the results MUST be scheduled two days later in the same week. During the summer, initial visits are scheduled Monday-Tuesday.

When can you get a TB Skin Test?
Mondays and Tuesdays
You must then return to the Health Center 48-72 hours so that the test can be read (checked). At that time you will receive a copy of your test results.

Note: No TB skin tests are performed on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, or days when a TB reading would fall on a holiday or during the summer session.

Who should NOT have a TB Skin Test?
Anyone who has had a positive TB Skin Test in the past or BCG vaccination may be referred for a chest x-ray.

Anyone referred for a Chest X-ray after a TB Skin Test

Anyone receiving a Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) or Measles, Rubella (MR) immunization within 1 (one) month of requesting a TB Skin Test