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Publicity success starts with planning ahead and starting projects early. Three weeks before an event is best.

Campus Communications is available to assist you with publicity ideas, designs, editing, and feedback, as well as ensuring your project meets campus branding guidelines.

Publicity Options

Electronic Reader Boards/Digital Signage

There is digital signage in each of the following buildings:

  1. Humanities (second floor)
  2. SEM (first & second floors
  3. Theater Arts (ACS first floor)
  4. Complex
    1. DSS (first floor)
    2. EOPS (second floor)
  5. Business (first & second floors)
  6. Tech Ed 1 (second floor)
  7. Tech Ed 3 (second & third floors)
  8. Student Center (A&R first floor)

When displaying information and events on the reader boards…

  • Keep content brief and to the point: who, what, when, where, and how
  • Limit one announcement or event per slide
  • Include a headline on each slide
  • Each slide is only displayed for a few seconds, so text should be 18 point font or larger and bullets should be used for readability.


Campus Communications manages the content on the marquee and website. Submissions must meet the following criteria:

  • Pixel size: 1232w x 440h (marquee)
  • Files should be Ai, jpg/jpeg, or png files
  • Text size must be 36 point or larger

Posters, Brochures, and Flyers

With adequate notice and formal requests, the Office of Campus Communications can design print publicity or refer an outside vendor. District printing is also available.

Print publicity must be submitted to the Office of Campus Communications for approval and must include the Cypress College logo and web address.

Online Events Calendar

The Office of Campus Communications uses the campus-wide calendar to inform students and our campus community of upcoming events, important dates, and holidays during which the campus is closed. When submitting an event to be added to the calendar, the date, time, description, and photo must be included.


Our @Cypress newsletter is a weekly electronic distribution of campus information. The newsletter is sent out every Monday during the semester. Submissions to the newsletter must be made no later than the Wednesday prior to the distribution.

Web Stories

Web stories (blog posts) are handled by the Office of Campus Communications. Story ideas will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The more lead time provided, the better. Story ideas can be submitted to us via the form below.

Social Media

The Office of Campus Communications handles the college’s main Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts. To promote on the college’s main social media accounts, we will need a photo or video and the relevant information via the form below.

To have a social media page created, fill out the form below. Note: social media pages must be approved by your dean or director before they are created, and the Office of Campus Communications must be added as an administrator.

Photo/Video/Graphic Design

The Office of Campus Communications is available to provide photo, video, and/or graphic design for your event, with adequate lead time.


Publicity Request Forms

Additional Resources

The Office of Campus Communications provides guidelines for various uses here.