Liberal Arts Associate in Arts Degree with Area of Emphasis

The Liberal Arts Associate in Arts (AA) Degree with Area of Emphasis provides students with the opportunity to earn a degree within a broad liberal arts education. Earning an AA may or may not be the most efficient path to fulfilling transfer requirements. Please consult a counselor and/or the Transfer Center for information regarding selection of an appropriate general education pattern and pertinent classes, as well as your intended major at the specific college/university of choice.

Liberal Arts Associate in Arts Degree with Area of Emphasis Requirements

  • Completion of California State University General Education Breadth (CSU GE) or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC).
  • Completion of at least 18 units in an Area of Emphasis. All courses in the major must be completed with a “C” grade or better and must be on the major list at the time the student completed the course. If a course is taken before it is approved for inclusion on the list, it cannot be used to meet graduation requirements.  Similarly, a course which is taken after it has been removed from the list cannot be used for graduation.
  • A 2.0 overall GPA and a 2.0 GPA in all courses taken in the Area of Emphasis
  • Fulfillment of all graduation requirements, to include one (1) unit of physical education and three (3) units of Cultural Diversity for a total of 60 transferable units. (See Native Pattern GE for Cultural Diversity Courses)
  • Completion of an Area of Emphasis Degree automatically meets the Reading Proficiency requirement.
  • Apply for Associate Degree – Emphasis/Departmental in in the Admission and Records Office by the published deadline (See page 2 of the current class schedule for the current semester deadline.)

Note:  This degree is an associate in arts degree designed for transfer students; however, it does not qualify as an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) for CSU priority admission consideration.