Financial Aid Scholarships

Welcome to the electronic version of the Scholarship Wall we have in our Financial Aid Office!

As we come across new scholarships, we’ll post them here for students to review and choose what they may qualify for. Reoccurring/monthly scholarships will be posted at the top, and month-specific annual deadlines will be posted at the bottom.

Some scholarships listed below on this page may require proof or citizenship or legal residency. Get a specific list of scholarships that don’t require proof of U.S. Citizenship or Legal Permanent Residency.

Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the scholarships below and are providing this information as a courtesy to our students. Information provided below comes directly from each scholarship provider. Please click the links provided for each scholarship for full details.

Reoccurring-Monthly Deadline

  • LA Tutors 123 Innovation in Education Scholarship ($500 one-time)
    Deadline: 20th of each month
    • We at LA Tutors are passionate about sparking the creative genius in students and would love to commend those outstanding students who have a made a difference in the lives of others in some innovative or technological fashion. In order to achieve this, we have established a scholarship for students who meet certain criteria.
    • The application opens the 1st of each month, and closes at 11:59 p.m. on the 20th of each month.
    • To participate, applicants should:
      • be enrolled as a high school or college/university student.
      • have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (or the equivalent).
      • have designed an innovative project that makes a difference in the lives of others (This could be a website, series of blogs, an app, fundraising event, etc.)
      • submit an essay describing the goal of the particular project and provide supporting documentation.
  • “No Essay” College Scholarship™ ($2,000 one-time)
    Deadline: end of each month
    • The $2,000  “No Essay” Scholarship is an easy scholarship with no essay required! The scholarship can be used to cover tuition, housing, books, or any education-related expenses.
    • The monthly winner will be determined by random drawing and then contacted directly and announced in Niche’s e-newsletter and on the Scholarship Winners page.
    • You can apply once each month, with a new winner selected every month.
    • To participate, applicants should:
      • Currently attend, or within the next 12 months plan to enroll in, a high school or college listed on, or be the parent of a student who falls into one of those categories.
      • Apply online at the link provided above.

December 2020 Deadline

  • The Nook Sober Living Scholarship ($1,000 one-time)
    Deadline 12/10/2020
    • The Nook Sober Living would like to bring awareness to students and their families about the risks of addiction, to remind them that it can happen to anyone. In this spirit, we decided to offer the winner of our scholarship $1000 in financial aid.
    • To participate, applicants should:
      • Be enrolled or accepted in an accredited college or university (high School seniors are encouraged to apply).
      • Minimum GPA of 3.0.
      • Provide a personal statement (up to 500 words).
      • See website for more information.

  • Course Hero STEM Scholarship ($2,500 one-time)
    Deadline 12/18/2020
    • As the world continues to change and grow more complex, it is important that students graduate confident and prepared to bring the necessary knowledge and skills needed to effectively problem solve, research, and make sense of information. The Course Hero STEM scholarship is designed to assist students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics achieve these goals.
    • To participate, applicants should:
      • Be enrolled or accepted with plans to attend) a college or university in the United States.
      • Have a minimum GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent).
      • Be in a field of study is related to science, technology, engineering, math (STEM)
      • Submit a 500-word essay on the topic: Smart city technology is changing the way we live. It can be almost invisible to the city residents, and many people may not be aware of how it is affecting their day-to-day life.

  • Future Lawyers of America Scholarship ($2,500 one-time)
    Deadline 12/21/2020
    • Bader Scott Injury Lawyers is committed to helping people in need by representing them in their fight for justice. This passion extends beyond our clients and into the community, where we support non-profit organizations and events and involve ourselves wherever possible to make our community a better place to live and work.
    • “With the Future Lawyers of America Scholarship, we further underscore our dedication to community service by reaching out into the legal community,” said Seth Bader, Owner of Bader Scott Injury Lawyers. “We strive to fortify the future of the legal profession by encouraging and helping the brightest, most passionate young minds achieve their dreams to someday practice law.”
    • This is why the scholarship committee at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers will be awarding $2,500 to the applicant who best conveys a deep devotion to the pursuit of a legal profession. “Passion for law is what separates good lawyers from great lawyers,” said Managing Partner Luis Scott.
    • To participate, applicants should:
      • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
      • Have a demonstrated financial need.
      • Be admitted to or enrolled in an accredited university or college.
      • Submit of a completed application form.
      • Submit of an essay on the scholarship topic outlined on the scholarship link.
  • Hispanic Education Endowment Fund Scholarships ($100–$10,000 one-time)
    Deadline 12/31/2020
    • The Hispanic Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) shares your dream of a college education. We offer a wide range of scholarships for Orange County’s Latinx students working to fulfill their educational goals.
    • Through a collaborative group of donors passionate about helping first generation college students, the HEEF Scholarship Program includes a general HEEF Scholarship and several other opportunities through the HEEF Sub-fund scholarships. Find the one that fits you!
    • HEEF welcomes CA Dream Act/ AB540 applicants.
    • To participate, applicants should:
      • meet the eligibility criteria for at least one of the scholarships listed.
      • Complete a general application online (Complete ONE application for all 32 HEEF Scholarship opportunities!)
      • For more detailed information, please visit the scholarship link.

January 2021 Deadline

  • John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest ($100–$10,000 one-time)
    Deadline 1/15/2021
    • The Kay-Grant Group is a real estate agent group located in Scottsdale, AZ committed to bettering all generations through education.  For this reason, we issue an annual scholarship to assist those interested in real estate, technology, or entrepreneurship with obtaining a formal education.
    • To participate, applicants should:
      • Meet the eligibility requirements.
      • Submit a 700-1,000-word essay on the topic: Describe and analyze an act of political courage by a US elected official who served during or after 1917.
    • For more detailed information, please visit the scholarship link.

  • The Christophers Video Contest for College Students ($100$2,000 one-time)
    Deadline 1/17/2021
    • College students are invited to create a film or video (5 minutes or less in length) that best communicates the message and mission of The Christophers and its belief that one person can make a difference. Entries can express this theme in any genre or shooting style, but must be submitted online below. Entrants must be enrolled in and attending undergraduate or graduate college classes, full or part-time, between September 2020 and February 2021.
    • To participate, applicants should:
      • be enrolled in and attending undergraduate or graduate college classes, full or part-time, between September 2020 and February 2021.
      • create a film or video (5 minutes or less in length) that best communicates the message and mission of The Christophers and its belief that one person can make a difference. Entries can express this theme in any genre or shooting style, but must be submitted online.

  • Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship ($1,000 one-time)
    Deadline 1/23/2021
    • We believe that young people have the ideas and drive to move the world forward. The Live Más Scholarship (pronounced “Liv maws”) is for ALL young people who are pursuing higher education and using their passion to ignite change in their communities and beyond. We believe in you – no matter where you are in your journey, whether just recognizing your strengths and developing your passion or bringing it to life and inspiring others to join you.
    • This program is more than a scholarship. We’re not merely a one-off check writer – we’re a continued partner and collaborator who’ll be there with connections and opportunities throughout your journey to help your passion shine so brightly, it changes the world.
    • To participate, applicants should:
      • Meet the eligibility criteria.
      • Submit a video (2 minutes or less in length) that addresses these questions:
        • What is your passion and how are you currently pursuing it?
        • How do you plan to use your passion to uniquely make a positive change in your community or the world?
        • How will your education help enable you to pursue your passion and make a change?
      • See website for more information.

  • eQuality Scholarships ($6,000 one-time)
    Deadline 1/31/2021
    • eQuality is California’s foremost program recognizing LGBT+ and ally youth for their service to the LGBT+ community. We award scholarships to graduating high school seniors, community college transfer students, and medical students. 
    • To participate, applicants should:

Scholarship General Information

It takes time and energy to conduct a successful scholarship search, but it is well worth the effort when you are awarded a scholarship to help fund your higher education.

The best ways to find scholarships:

  • Check with your high school counselor
  • Check with your parent’s employer or organizations with which they are affiliated
  • Check with organizations and businesses within your community
  • Check with your college or university financial aid and/or scholarship office
  • Surf the web

Types of Scholarships

Merit Based Scholarships: Awards based on academic performance and personal achievement.

Merit plus Need Scholarships: Awards based on academic performance, personal achievement, and financial need.

Private Scholarships: Awards based on criteria set by a private, non-affiliated organization or individual.

Institutional Scholarships: Awards based on criteria set by the college or university. These awards can be merit based or plus need based.

Be Cautious of Scholarship Scams

The following are signs of a possible scholarship scam:

  • If you are required to pay money to get a scholarship
  • If you are guaranteed win a scholarship
  • If they say, “everyone is eligible” or “free money”
  • If you are contacted for a scholarship you never applied for
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Get more information on scholarship scams.

Scholarship Application Timelines

Applying for many scholarships can be done during any time of the year. However, different awards have different deadlines. For institutional awards, the deadlines are typically early Spring. You should check with your college or university to see what their established deadline is. Regardless, if you are late applying for an award one year, you should note the award and make every effort to reapply next year.

Tips for marketing yourself for a scholarship

Develop a great personal statement or essay

The essay is your ultimate communication tool-make a great impression. Think about this question: What makes you worthy of an investment as a student? Proofread, rewrite, and seek peer reviewers (writing is a process).

Develop a great academic transcript

Consistent academic performance is a good sign. A solid GPA is desirable for most scholarships. A bad semester or year is not the end of the world—If you have overcome challenges, explain that in your personal statement. Otherwise, your application will be confusing to the evaluator.

Demonstrate evidence of leadership or service

Submit documentation of leadership, service, or character. Explain your situation and add flavor as to who you are as a person and aspiring student. Connect your personal story with your career or educational goal.