Types of Aid

Cypress College participates in federal and state financial aid programs to provide our students grants, loans, waivers, and work-study programs. We also have several different scholarship programs for students.

Gift Aid vs. Self-Help Aid

Gift aid are types of financial aid that do not have to be repaid and do not require a work commitment from the student. Gift aid includes grants and scholarships from federal, state, college, and private sources. Self-help aid, on the other hand, requires either repayment or a work commitment from the student. Student loans, parent loans, and work-study are examples of self-help aid.


Grants are a type of need-based financial aid (meaning they’re given based on the student’s and/or family’s financial situation). They are sometimes described as “gift aid” because the student does not have to pay them back, as they would a loan. Grants can come from the federal government, state governments, and colleges themselves. Learn more about the types of federal grants available hereLearn more about the types of state grants available here.


Students can borrow money from the government to help cover their college expenses. There are different types of student loans available, but they all must be paid back with interest. If you believe you’ll need a student loan to help pay for college, and many students do, you should consider government student loans because they offer lower interest rates. You can learn more about loans here.

California College Promise Grant (CCPG)

Cypress College students, like all California community college students, may be eligible for the California College Promise Grant (CCPG). The CCPG waives the enrollment fee and provides a reduced cost for parking fees for qualified California students. Learn more about the CCPG.


Cypress College participates in the federal government’s work-study program. This program offers paid part-time jobs to help students pay for part of their college costs. There are many different types of work-study jobs available through Cypress College, such as lab assistant, office assistant, grounds person, and teacher’s aid. Learn more about work-study here.


Scholarships are financial awards you don’t have to pay back. They can be awarded based on need, merit, major, and/or educational goals. You can use scholarships on top of financial aid to help pay for your college expenses. The Cypress College Foundation Office gives out a variety of scholarships to our students. Learn more about the Foundation scholarships available and how to apply. If you’re on campus, stop by the Financial Aid Office to check out our scholarship section or visit our online scholarship page – updated monthly!