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California College Promise Grant

The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) — formerly known as the Board of Governor’s (BOG) Fee Waiver — is a grant awarded to qualified students to waive ENROLLMENT FEES. It is awarded to California residents as determined by the Admissions and Records Office. According to State Regulations under the Student Success Act of 2012, new academic eligibility requirements will apply to all students who apply for the CCPG. CCPG recipients are required to meet Academic and Progress Standards to continue to receive the CCPG. The Financial Aid Office will review Academic and Progress Standards for Cypress College.

IMPORTANT: These standards are separate from the eligibility criteria for Federal Student Aid, Cal Grant, and Enrollment Priority. They should not be confused with Federal and State SAP.


Students MUST:

  • ACADEMIC: Maintain cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.
    If cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 for two consecutive primary terms (fall/spring), students may lose the CCPG.
  • PROGRESS: Maintain cumulative completion of at least 50% of coursework.
    If cumulative completion falls below 50% for two consecutive primary terms (fall/spring), students may lose the CCPG.

If unable to meet any combination of these standards for two consecutive primary terms, students may lose their eligibility for the CCPG.

What Can You Do Now?

  • Enroll in a course-load in which you can be successful
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA each semester
  • Seek appropriate student and academic support services, when needed
  • See a counselor for an up-to-date education plan


The Financial Aid Office will send notifications to students through myGateway 30 days after the end of the semester if the CCPG standards are not met. The notification will state the student’s status as to whether they are on Academic and/or Progress Probation (based on the cumulative units completed). Guidelines to the appeal process and deadlines will be provided in the notification as well as the class schedules, website, and catalog.

Reasons for Appeals

  • Extenuating circumstances (circumstances beyond the student’s control)
    Supporting documentation may be, but not limited to: an accident report, current medical documentation, proof of death certificate, service program, etc.
  • A change in a student’s economic situation
    Supporting documentation may be, but not limited to: an employment notice of layoff, bank statements, etc.
  • Evidence that a student was unable to obtain essential support services
    Student applied or was waiting for support services, but did not receive assistance in a timely manner.
  • Special consideration of factors for CalWORKs, EOPS, DSPS, and Veteran Services
    Student is a member of one of the above Support Services Departments—must provide documentation.
  • Students with disabilities who applied for but did not receive accommodations in a timely manner
    A letter from department stating date applied for services and reason the student was unable to receive such request.
  • Significant academic improvement
    An unofficial transcript showing significant academic improvement.

Documentation must be provided as support of your circumstances. Incomplete appeals will not be accepted.

Appeals Process

Students will receive notifications through myGateway which will include the timeframe of when a student can appeal along with the appeal instructions. Students will be able to complete the appeal online through Appeals not turned in correctly will have a delay in processing. Students will be notified by email of their appeal status. If approved, the CCPG will be automatically reinstated.

Regaining Eligibility

To regain eligibility, students MUST:

  • Improve their GPA or course completion to meet the Academic and/or Progress standards, or
  • Successfully appeal, or
  • Not attend NOCCCD (Fullerton College and Cypress College) for two consecutive primary terms (fall/spring)

Students Exempt

The standard criteria will not apply to:

  • Students with an approved enrollment priority appeal
  • Foster Youth students (24 years and younger)
  • CCPG F recipients (see below)

CCPG F Recipients

The following students qualify for a CCPG F and will be exempt from appealing: has certification from the CA Department of Veterans Affairs that s/he is eligible for a CCPG F; has certification from the National Guard Adjutant General that s/he is eligible for a CCPG F; is a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor or is a child of a recipient; is a dependent of a victim of the September 11 terrorist attack, or is a dependent of a deceased law enforcement/fire suppression personnel killed in the line of duty.