Policy Information

The forms below will assist you with completing the financial aid process as well as understanding your rights and responsibilities as a financial aid recipient.

Financial Aid Forms


Satisfactory Academic Progress Agreement

2017-2018 BOG Fee Waiver Appeal Information

BOG Fee Waiver Appeal Fact Sheet
BOG Fee Waiver Appeal Form

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP)

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP)

Financial Aid Policies At-a-Glance

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
This policy describes your responsibilities as a financial aid recipient at Cypress College to maintain a sufficient grade point average while completing the minimum required units annually to maintain eligibility. For a brief, one-page summary of our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, please review our Financial Aid Minimum Academic Eligibility Standards handout.

Financial Aid Warning and Disqualification Overview
This document serves as an addendum to our satisfactory academic progress policy and is provided to students on Financial Aid Warning and Disqualification to help facilitate a better understanding of their status.

Verification Policy
This policy describes the requirements you must meet if your financial aid application is selected for verification.

Special Circumstances Policy
Have you lost your job recently? Did you quit your job to go back to school? Have your parents divorced? Have you divorced? Do you have extenuating circumstances related to your income that the financial aid office should be aware of? Please review the special circumstances policy to determine if a request should be made for further review by the financial aid office.

Independent Student Status Policy
Are you a foster youth or ward of the court? Are you under the age of 24 and a victim of child abuse or drug abuse? By law, are you unable to obtain your parent’s income information? Please review the independent student status policy to determine if you are able to have your parental income information waived from your FAFSA. Appeals should be made directly to the financial aid office if you believe you qualify.

Student Loan Policy and Overview
An overview of important information and requirements for student loan eligibility at Cypress College.

Financial Aid Disbursement Policy and Dates

Information and requirements for student financial aid disbursement for the current semester. Dates, criteria and how awards are calculated based on student enrollment are included.

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
This policy is the North Orange County Community College District’s policy regarding the privacy of student records. This policy also applies to student financial aid records at Cypress College.

Understanding your Financial Aid Status on MyGateway
This document provides greater detail and clarity for understanding your Financial Aid status on MyGateway.

Disbursement Rights and Responsibilities
This document serves as valuable reference for understanding your financial aid disbursement. The importance of maintaining your enrollment status during the semester is also emphasized so students can be informed of repayment implications.

FA – Next Steps
Ordering Tax Return Transcripts
Dream Act Emergency Aid Request